Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Changing the Colors of Hydrangeas

how to change the color of hydrangesAs most of you know, I love gardening. Unfortunately, my dry,dusty soil mixed with the Florida heat and no shade to rest in, leaves me with few options for beautifully blooming plants.

One of my favorites have always been hydrangeas but unfortunately due to my poor soil and bright sun, I can't seem to get them to grow. My grandmother on the other hand, had huge hydrangeas growing in her yard, she had a nice shaded yard full of plants but the hydrangeas are the one thing that I always adored and remember the most.

Back then they didn't have all the hybrids so the standard plant that was either white, blue/purple, and pink is what you got. The actual color depended on the soil acidity and whether or not you did what grandma did... add Kool-Aid packets to the soil.

Adding lime and other nutrients to the soil to adjust the pH is the simple trick to turning hydrangeas the color you want. My grandmother would add the Kool-Aid packets and water them in. When the plant absorbed the water it was also absorbing the powdered dye from the Kool-Aid... turning them a variety of colors, and rarely two blooms would ever be the same.

How to Change the Color of Hydrangeas

To obtain a pink Hydrangea blossom maintain a soil pH at or near 6.5 For blue or purplish colored blossom, maintain a pH at or near 5.0. If you want to change the color of your hydrangea then you will need to alter the soil accordingly.

How to Grow Hydrangeas has lots of information on how to properly grow, care for and change the color of hydrangeas. The pictures are beautiful and includes the new varieties that have the multi-colored blossoms. If you would like to know more about propagating hydrangeas, changing the color or anything else hydrangea-related you can find it all at: How to Grow Hydrangeas
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Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Topsy Turvey Terra Cotta Planter

Topsy turvey planter made out of terracotta pots. 

I have wanted to build a few of these adorable topsy turvy terra cotta planters for quite some time now. I even purchased all the supplies last year but got around to it. I have decided since I have everything I will be getting it done this week! It has rained all day or else I would be out there putting it together right now.
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Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Favourite Bible Verse

Praise God!
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How to Grow Canna Lilies from Seeds

Red Canna LilyImage by gohomekiki @flickr
Red Canna Lily
Image by gohomekiki @flickr
Super excited! My canna lilies are starting to bloom!!! I know this doesn't sound like much for a typical canna lily grower, but- last year I started them from seed. No, not rhizomes- but SEED! They typically take 2-3 years to start blooming like the ones in this image. Nice, huge, full blooms don't immediately come from canna lilies that are grown from seed. So, in general, patience is required, or so they say. I did get a few blooms last year, but this year they are coming out of the kinks!

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