Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall Garden Series: Planting a Fall Garden

Fall Vegetable GardenNow that the summer is almost over and your spring vegetable garden has fulfilled it's duties, it's time to start planning your fall garden. Fall is the perfect opportunity to grow another beautiful garden that will produce a variety of vegetables that don't always perform well in the spring and summer.

Aside from another great harvest, a fall garden has many added benefits that don't come with a typical spring or summer garden. One of my favorite thing about fall gardens is the season itself. The temperatures are perfect, at least here in Florida, the trees are beginning to change colors and the crisp air makes it a great time to be outside and enjoy all the God has given us.

If you have never planted a fall garden then you are in for a treat! In this series you will learn about planting a fall garden, fall vegetables, when to harvest a fall garden and what to plant.

Benefits of a Fall Garden - Why Plant a Garden in the Fall?

Fall gardens have many benefits. Aside from mostly beautiful weather, fall is a perfect time for plants to really show off and produce an abundance of vegetables before the cold winter takes its toll.Fall gardens allow for milder temperatures and help prevent scorching summer days that can damage both vegetables and vegetable plants. While we still get a few warm days, the dramatic effects of high temperatures and drought will not be a problem. Plus, some vegetables actually perform better during the fall and some actually require the fall to grow and produce.Besides producing more fresh vegetables, fall gardens have their benefits for the gardeners themselves, too. Fall weather allows for better conditions for the gardener. The evenings aren't as hot, so weeding, watering, fertilizing, and other maintenance won't seem as bad. Not to mention, most weeds and grasses have stopped seeding out so weeding will be a breeze.

    Do You Garden in the Fall? If so, what do you like to plant?

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