Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall Garden Series: How & When to Plant a Fall Vegetable Garden


When to Plant a Fall Garden

Planting a Fall Garden

Fall gardens can be planted any time between late August and Mid October. The exact planting time depends on the vegetable and the where you live. Most seeds have the planting dates by region on the package. The goal is to have the seeds planted and ready to harvest before the first frost, unless it is a cool weather crop such as leafy greens, asparagus, onions and other vegetables that also do well in the winter. Consider your region, the 'days to harvest' and the probability of the first frost. If you are not sure you can contact your local Extension Office or read the directions on the seed packets or plant stakes.

How to Plant a Fall Garden

Fall gardens are planted just like a spring garden. If you previously had a spring garden, you can simply till it in and begin to prepare the garden for the fall. Larger plants such as tomatoes should be pulled from the bed as they will not decompose quick enough. Peas, potatoes and other thin plants can be tilled in to provide nutrients for the next growing season.

Are You Planting a Fall Garden?

If so, what are you planting? Do you prefer spring or fall gardening? Share your thoughts, tips and ideas for fall gardening!


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