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Kindle Gifts & Gift Ideas for Kindle Users!

One of the top Christmas gift ideas for 2013 is a new Kindle!  Amazon has several devices to choose from including two newly released versions, and just like last year, the it seems to be one of the best electronic gift ideas for 2013. But what do you buy for someone who already has a Kindle? Well, buy them something for their Kindle, of course. There are several different gift ideas to choose from such as docking stations, gift cards, accessory bundles, a newer version of the device, covers and cases, screen protectors, and much more. Here you will find some of the best gift ideas for Kindle owners.The prices range from a few dollars to several hundred, so there is something on the list for any budget!  

Gift Idea #1 - A Kindle Docking Station

Kindle Docking StationPrice Range: $15.00- $150+ Grace Digital MatchStick Charging Speaker Dock with Portrait and Landscape Modes. Only $82 at[/caption] A new Kindle docking station is a great gift idea for Kindle users! They range from $15 - 150, depending on the features and capabilities, making them affordable for any budget. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Kindle docking stations (a.k.a. Kindle dock or dock station) they are one of the best accessories for a Kindle! Kindle Docking Station Capabilities
  • Charges the device
  • Function as a cradle for storing,  watching videos, listening to music and playing games
  • Amplifies music and videos with built in speakers
  • Some dock stations can turn your device into a digital picture frame for picturing viewing when not being used.
  • Some can connect to multiple devices such as mp3 players & smartphones for charging, listening to music and one convenient devise storage center.
  • Some include a clock and/or an alarm, making them great for the nightstands.
The capabilities will vary by device. The ReaderDock F-Station Charging Speaker Dock is a great example of a basic Kindle dock. It charges, has a swivel base and is perfect for watching movies, listening to music, charging or using as a hands-free reading tool.  And, at only $15.00 at, it’s perfect for any budget! The pricier options will include more features and capabilities like those listed above. The Grace Digital MatchStick Charging Speaker Dock, for example, runs around $83 on and includes the typical dock stations such as charging and hands-free viewing, but it also includes very high quality speakers, a remote control, connects to other devices, and will also turn your Kindle Fire devices into a digital picture frame when not in use. You can check out all the Kindle docking stations at Kindle Docking Stations. The options are unlimited, and with prices starting as low as $15, it's perfect for any budget!

 Gift Idea #2- A New Case or Cover

Price Range: $5.00- $75.00+ has a hundreds of Kindle cases making it easy to find the perfect one. Kindle cases are kind of like cell phone cases, not only do they protect your device, but they also had style, character and some even provide additional features such as keyboards and lights. Whether your Kindle user is a male, female or child, there are a variety of cases that fit any personality,  device, or budget. You can simply visit and search “Kindle cases and covers” for thousands of ideas. If you are looking for a hard, protective case for a Kindle, then I would strongly suggest getting a Kindle OtterBox case

The Fintie Casebot Kiddie Series is a great case for kids! It's waterproof, shockproof and has several other awesome features. For around $25 on, it is a great investment!

Gift Idea #3- Amazon Gift Card

Price Range: $1 - $2,000

Not sure what to get your Kindle user for Christmas? Not sure what they already have, what they may want or what they need? No problem! Get them an Amazon Gift Card! You can purchase a physical card to give as a gift, or you can email it to them, which is perfect for friends and family who are out of town. With an Amazon gift card, your Kindle user can choose what to purchase, making it  a great gift idea. Not only can they purchase Kindle ebooks and accessories, but they can also purchase anything on the site so the sky is the limit! They simply upload it to their account and then as they make purchases it deducts the balance from their gift card balance before charging their credit card. It doesn't expire so they can simply purchase a single book or spend it all! If they choose to purchase something that costs more than the value of the card then they simply pay the difference. You can choose any amount and also from a variety of designs, including one labeled for Kindles (but can be used for anything on the site.) It’s a win-win gift idea for Kindle users.

Gift Idea #4- A New Kindle

Price Range: $69 - $594

Kindle Fire HDX
The New 2013 Kindle Fire HDX [/caption] Maybe your Kindle user has a basic  or an older version Kindle. If so, then a newer or upgraded version would be much appreciated, I’m sure! Just this year alone, Amazon has come out with the new Kindle Paperwhite at only $119, which is more like the basic device but, is has a lit screen, making it perfect for bedtime reading and traveling! The New Kindle Fire HDX, starting at $183, is the latest and greatest from Amazon is highly sought after. It is one of the best electronic gifts for 2013! Perhaps this awesome new tablet with an 8.9 inch screen, Wi-Fi and the option for 4G LTE service, and up to a 64GB memory would tickle their fancy! If you think it’s time to get them a new version of the Kindle then check out all the new devices available this year from Don’t worry, all the books and apps on their current device will automatically upload when they register their new device so they won’t lose any of their favorites!

Don't forget, you can still get Amazon gifts delivered to your door before Christmas Day as long as you order before December 23rd, 2013. And you can order a gift card and have it delivered via email instantly, anytime!

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