Sunday, December 15, 2013

So Simply Stephanie is Changing!

While I am excited to change over to Blogger, I will miss the prestine look of and my many followers. However, the features and extra capabilities just aren't here, but the restrictions are.

I want to be able to feature a variety of content including reviews and giveaways for great products, but I just can't manage to do that with WordPress due to their restrictions. I don't have the time or knowledge to switch over to a self hosted site- trust me, I tried! I spent the whole weekend trying to figure it out and like to have gone nuts, just to cancel it all and stay at WordPress. With that said, I have a handful of other blogs  on Blogger and thought I would bring So Simply Stephanie on over. 

Right now, the URL is, but with in the next week or so it should update to . I hate to lose my WordPress followers but I am looking forward to networking with my current and new Blogger followers. :) As soon as the new URL is updated, I will be posting an awesome giveaway as a way to say "thanks for making the move with me", so be sure to follow keep an eye out on my Twitter, Facebook or my blog via Blogger. If you are a Blogger follower, swing on by and be sure start following it so that you don't miss any updates- . 

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