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Cheap Prom Dresses: 3 Ways to Save on Prom Dresses & Stay Under Budget

For high school seniors this is an exciting time of year. Graduation, senior trips and prom! It also means that now is the time to start shopping for prom dresses.

Where do you begin when it comes to shopping and choosing the perfect prom dress? The first step is to determine a budget! Since the costs can add up quickly, you will need to determine how much you are willing to spend, the style of dress you want to wear and the accessories you want to accompany it. 

 Starting with a budget of $200-300 would be very realistic considering you can find discount prom dresses online much cheaper than those found in retail stores. By choosing a
site that offers cheap prom dresses, you can purchase a stunning dress that is well under budget and still be left with enough to purchase shoes, accessories and even the hairstyle.

Shop Around for the Best Discount Sites

Start by finding a cheap prom dress site such as They offer a variety of stunning, discounted dresses, most of which are in the $100-150 range. Their dresses are not only beautiful, but they also offer a wide range of colors, sizes, styles- including floor length and short dresses, and even styles that are rather modest. {MODESTY is a huge one for me.}

Cheap Prom Dress Budget Example: 

Budget: $300

Start with the dress:
 Mermaid Sweetheart Sweep Train Organza Prom Dress With Ruffle Beading Sequins available at It's beautiful and it's the perfect trend for 2014. Best of all, it's within our budget at a discounted price of $210. 
(NOTE: This is one of their more expensive dresses. There are several, and I do mean several that are well under this prices and well under $150.)

Now add in the shoes:

Women's Sparkling Glitter Heels Latin Ballroom With T-Strap Dance Shoes: $18

Cheap Prom Dance Shoes
Finish it off with jewelry:
Gorgeous Alloy With Rhinestone Ladies' Jewelry Sets: $19

Cheap Prom Jewelry
Dress: $210
Shoes: $18
Matching Jewelry Set: $19
Shipping: FREE Total: $247

Still $53 under budget!

Not bad, huh? And, you still have enough left in your budget for an awesome updo, a matching clutch or money for the night of the prom.

So, how do you find these great deals  and stay within your budget?

#1 - Choose an Online Retailer that Also Sells Shoes & Accessories
There are a couple reasons you should choose a prom dress site that also sells shoes and accessories. Some of these reasons budget friendly, while others insure the perfect match.

Sites that’s sell dresses and shoes will usually carry the perfect shoes to match the dress, both in color and style. If not, you will have to wait until your dress comes in, lug the dress around to several shoe shops and hopefully, find the right color or style. Go ahead and purchase them together from the same place (site or store) to insure a great match. If you are purchasing them online, this will also save on shipping charges from two separate retailers.  The same goes for your prom accessories such as jewelry and hair pieces.

For example, keeping with the same site I used above,, they offer a variety of dresses for nearly any occasion including proms, weddings, sweet sixteen parties and the list goes on. They also offer designer-style shoes, handbags, clutches, jewelry, under garments (got to have the right bra for the dress!), and a variety of other items you would usually purchase for your ensemble, but would have to go to many different stores or sites to find what you are looking for. Using a site that offers items for all your needs will save on time and shipping rates. 

In addition, exclusive discounts are commonly found online that aren't available in stores. These type of discounts will sometime feature free or discounted shoes with the price of a dress, free or discounted accessories or another great offer such as free shipping that will help save on the cost over all.

#2 - Watch for Shipping Rates

This is a big one! Free shipping & shipping discounts can make a difference and have a big impact on your budget. Often you will find a site great featuring a variety of dresses at great prices. You finally make your selection and then head to the checkout page just to be hammered with expensive shipping rates that now put the dress way over budget.

Instead of paying those hefty shipping prices, shop around for discount prom dress sites that offer free shipping. For instance, is currently offering free shipping on their wedding and prom dresses. That alone could save you $20-50 alone, and could cover the cost of shoes, an accessory or even dinner the night of.

#3 - More Expensive Does Not Always Mean Better
Don’t think that just because the prom dresses are cheap that it means they aren't great quality or current style. Some sites are able to provide great discounts and saving by purchasing larger quantities, using different vendors and for a variety of other reasons. 

Don’t be so caught up in the name-brand game, that you feel you must spend a certain amount to find the perfect prom dresses for 2014.  Besides, who is going to ask to see the designer label stitched in your dress? Nobody! So why pay for it?

These are just ideas to help you save on your prom dresses for 2014, and a reasonable budget. If you have more money to spend- great. If not, then sticking to these three guidelines will help you stay way under budget and be able to get more for your money.

This is a sponsored post, in which I was compensated for in exchange for providing information about All ideas expressed for saving money were my own ideas. The images used are copyright and used with permission.

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