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#Crafts: 55+ Handmade Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

  Handmade gifts are a great way to show someone you care. Anyone can go to their favorite retailer and buy an expensive gift, but it takes a special person to make a handmade  gift that comes from the heart; and someone who is dedicated to setting aside their own personal time to create special gift for their special friend or family member.

If you have a large family, enjoy crafting and other DIY projects, or have budget to stick to, consider making your own gifts this year. Not only are homemade gifts sentimental and more meaningful, but depending on the gift your are making, most gifts can be made for a fraction of the cost you would pay to purchase it from a retailer.

Below you will find several homemade gift ideas for nearly any occasion, including Christmas, birthdays, baby showers, and other gift-giving occasions. While everyone else is out fighting the crowds in the cold doing their holiday shopping, you can be at home, nice and warm, crafting your own gifts.

Woodworking Ideas for  Gifts
DIY Woodworking Gifts

Woodworking Gift Ideas
Woodworkers not only enjoy making their wood crafts, but also tend to give their wood work as gifts. Woodworking gifts are great for Christmas. I personally, like to get handmade gifts, and woodworking gifts are one of my all-time favorites!

You can find the easy woodworking pattern for this adorable rocking horse a at How to Make a Wooden Rocking Horse by Lee Swindel.

Woodworking Ideas for Gifts
Magazine Rack
Picture Frames
Rocking Horses
Rocking Chairs
Step Stools
Jewelry Box
Toy Boxes
Shadow Boxes
Picnic Tables
Yard Decor
Bird Houses
Bird Feeders
Furniture pieces such as end tables, TV stands, baroque (be careful, these can get expensive)

Crochet Gift Ideas 
DIY Crochet Gifts- Great for Baby Showers & Weddings!
Crochet gifts are a very simple, usually inexpensive, gift idea for nearly any occasion. With thousands of patterns available, the ideas are nearly endless.

When considering crocheted gifts, consider the size of the gift and how many skeins of yarn it will require. A scarf usually takes only one skein, but a bed spread could take fifteen or more. You also need to consider the time in which you have to create your project. You can typically do a scarf in one or two days, where a bed spread could takes several weeks or longer. 

You can find free crochet patterns for these adorable bibs and booties, along with several more at Horeacce's Free Patterns.

Crochet Gift Ideas 

Afghans and Bed Spreads
Doilies and Table Runners
Baby Blanket
Booties and Socks
Baby Booties
Dish Rags
Decorative Pillows

Cross Stitch Gift Ideas
Handmade Cross Stitched Gifts
Cross stitch gifts another idea for an inexpensive gift idea and one of my favorites for baby showers, weddings, Mother's Day & Father's Day; mainly because they are so easy to personalize. 

Cross stitch gifts make great sentimental and decorative gifts. While they are time consuming, they are usually very inexpensive. You can find this beautiful pillow and other free patterns for cross stitched gifts at TheMakingSpot Blog.
Cross Stitch Gifts
Tapestries and Wall Decor
Symbolic pieces for wedding dates, births and special occasions
Decorative Pillows
Decorative Pillow Cases
Blankets, Comforters, Quilts and Throws
Bibs, Blankets and Baby Decor

Pottery & Ceramic Gift Ideas

DIY Gifts Made from Pottery & Ceramics
Ceramic and pottery creations are another unique DIY gift idea that can be made by hand. Crafters who enjoy pottery know that there are hundreds of idea on pottery gifts. Whether you are simply making a sculpture from clay or firing and painting a vase, the recipient of your homemade pottery gift will have something they treasure forever.

Pottery Gift Ideas

Knick knacks
Bowls, platters and trays

Photography Gift Ideas
Turn Your Photography Into a Homemade Gift
Most people associate photography as a service or hobby. Have you ever considered turning those beautiful pictures into gifts? Photography gifts can be made using pictures of the person or family that you are giving it to, or you can choose to use random photos of scenes, activities,
or things they personally enjoy {sports, hobbies, phrases, etc.}

An example of a photography gift would be someone who has rustic decor in their home and enjoys the country life might like to have a beautiful picture you have taken of a barn or pasture land in a sepia tone with a beautiful, inexpensive frame. Or maybe you recently took some pictures of an infant, you could create a collage and have it printed on a coffee mug for less than $10 for the parents use or keep as a keepsake.

Photography Gift Ideas
Mouse pads
Handbags and purses with the pictures on it
Beautifully framed portrait

Homemade Gift Ideas Continued...
The Possibilities are Endless!

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of ideas for homemade gifts. It's best to stick with what you know or what you believe you would enjoy doing. Things that you know how to do or enjoy doing, will make your gifts fun to make and more enjoyable to give.

Here Are a Few More Ideas for Homemade & DIY Gift Ideas 
Hair Bows
Quilts and Blankets
Purses and Handbags hand or machine sewn
Dresses, Sweaters, and other Clothes
Baby stuff such as bibs, dresses, bonnets, diaper bags and blankets
Flower arrangements for home decor
Bath Soaps, beads, and bubble baths
Handmade Jewelry
And just about any other craft project you can imagine!

What craft and DIY projects do you think make great gift ideas?


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