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5 Ways to Increase Your Pinterest Followers

how to get more pinterest followers

Pinterest is one of the best ways to promote your blog posts and a great way to increase your blog traffic. To get more traffic via Pinterest, you need to increase your Pinterest followers. So, how do you get more Pinterest Followers? Well, for the most part it’s fairly easy, but it won’t happen by itself.

Below are 5 rather easy ways to get more Pinterest Followers. Some will work better than others depending on the type of blog you have and the niche(s) you are blogging about. Regardless, these ideas will get you off to a great start and help you get the idea of what you need to tweak in order to make it work for your own blog and niche.

If you have ideas on how to get more followers, please be sure to post it in the comment section for others to see and learn from as well. J

Let People Know You Are Own Pinterest: Use Pinterest Follower Buttons & Widgets

This is the most important! How can someone follow you on Pinterest if they don’t know you are a Pinterest user?

It may seem like common knowledge, but you would be surprised at how many bloggers have a Pinterest account, actively pin their content, but never bother to put their Pinterest buttons on their site, nor mention the fact that they can be found on Pinterest. As I stated above, how will anyone know you are a pinner if you don’t tell them?

You can let people know that you are active on Pinterest by simply adding a Pinterest button to your site. You can also add a variety of Pinterest widgets, follow buttons, and other useful gadgets to your side bar and blog posts to make it easier to follow you, pin your content and find content that you have pinned. You can even create your own cute button or image that links back to your Pinterest profile so that your readers can easily click and follow you.

To find these widgets, simply Google Pinterest Widgets, Pinterest follow buttons, Pinterest followers, or something similar, and you will receive a ton of helpful posts. You can also go to the Pinterest help section and developer tools to find widgets specifically created by Pinterest that will allow you to quickly and easily create your own widgets for your posts and sidebars. {Don’t worry, they are super easy to create using their nifty little tool and don’t require a ton of knowledge on using HTML.}  

Create Great Content So that Readers Will Want More!!!

This one is #2 on the how to get more Pinterest Followers list because it’s pretty important! In order to get more followers on Pinterest, you have to give them a reason to follow you, and the way to do that is to give them great pins and content that they will want more of. This doesn’t have to be only your content but pins from other sites about posts, tutorials, and photos you like, and think others might also enjoy.  If it was something you enjoyed or found useful, they may too, so pin it! {Plus, I personally think that when you only pin your own content it can become rather redundant and seem overly promotional. I mean really, how many posts are you able to publish a day in order to have several quality pins without repinning your own content multiple times? Just sayin’…}
Plus, when you repin someone else’s work there’s a good chance they will see your profile and may repin your pins or follow you. In general, it’s a great way to network and build a variety of pins and boards, which will in turn, increase your Pinterest followers. The more active you are on Pinterest, the more followers you will have. The more you have, they more clicks your pins will receive and the more people that will visit your blog through you pins.

Interact with Other Pinners

Don’t be a ‘drop-by pinner’, only stopping by to add your content and nothing else. If everyone done that, no one would ever get a single follower, repin or like. It only takes a few minutes a day {or even a couple times a week} to be active and engaging on Pinterest.
Depending on your schedule, you could devote 10 minutes a day, or say 15 minutes three times a week to Pinterest and building up your boards, pins and followers. Simply grab a glass of tea and sit back for a few minutes and browse through pins to find a few that tickle your fancy. Repin, like, comment or even visit the site that was pinned. Leave a comment on sites you visited from Pinterest and let the author know you found their site via Pinterest and that you enjoyed it. If you followed them, let them know and perhaps put a link back to your profile. BUT PLEASE, just be sure not to spam. There is a fine line between genuinely pinning and letting them know that you are a new follower, and then SPAMMING. Don’t be a spammer. Nobody likes Spam…

When you interact on Pinterest, and repin the pins of others, you are also going back to rule #2 above, adding more quality content. So, not only are you peeking the interest of those you repin, but you will be finding new Pinterest followers by providing more great content.

That reminds me, if you like this post, or other posts on my blog, be sure to follow So Simply Stephanie on Pinterest. To find more from my blog, along with some other awesome sites I enjoy pinning and sharing on Pinterest

Social Media or Pinterest Link-Ups

Link-ups are another way to find more Pinterest followers. You can often find Pinterest-only link-ups or other types of social media link-ups that include linking up to Pinterest. The Social Media Saturday Link-Up for instance, allows you to add your Pinterest profile, along with your blog, Bloglovin, Facebook, Twitter and other profiles in order to gain more followers.  The link-up starts every Friday night lots of activity starting Saturday morning that lasts till the following Tuesday. Each week it gets bigger and bigger. New bloggers come and join and share it with their audience and now you have the chance to be seen by their friends and vice-versa. Everyone follows each other and it's a great little network of Pinners looking to help promote each other.

The general idea of these types of link-ups is to help you get more followers and also find more people to follow. Some require that you follow just the hosts and co-hosts, some require you follow all the links and some simply require you to follow a couple. While it make take a few minutes on your behalf to follow the required amount, it will be well worth it when that same number comes back to follow you.
I have found all the link-ups that I have ever participated in to be very beneficial. On the same note, most of the pinners who are in the link-up will follow the rules, add you back and usually have the same interests, which means that they will most likely enjoy your pins and are more likely to repin your content to their followers/audience meaning more reach for you.

Add Your Pinterest Profile to Your Giveaways

Most of us bloggers host giveaways, at least occasionally and most of them are conducted by a widget like Rafflecopter. When adding entries like Facebook and Twitter, be sure to add your Pinterest profile. Rafflecopter has an easy option for adding your Pinterest profile if you have a paid Rafflecopter account, but even if you have the free version, you can still add a Follow Me on Pinterest option by using the Create Your Own Option and then adding a clickable link to your Pinterest profile, and then requiring them to submit their username in the space where you select more info required.  

All-in-all, Pinterest is a great tool when used properly and has a lot to offer bloggers. These are just a few ideas on how to get more Pinterest followers. These techniques can be done throughout your daily blogging routine and don’t require a lot of added work. As you see, these ideas are not much different than what you would do to get more Twitter or Facebook followers. These are simple, rather easy ways, that still tried-and-true, without going way overboard and requiring a lot of work, and most importantly, without being obnoxious or spamming. {Can you tell I don’t like spam?}

Share Your Own Tips for Getting More Pinterest Followers

If you have your own ideas on how to get more Pinterest followers, be sure to post them below in the comments section. And if feel free to share it!

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  1. Wow! This is awesome! These tips are a big help. Thanks for sharing with Sharing It Sunday. I'm definitely pinning this one!

  2. I came to read this as my new site, The Ultimate Linky, has permanent linkies for giveaways, printables, and linky parties; but I also have daily social media linkies. I try also to give some helpful information about that social media at that party as people like that SM! So I reference articles like this. Today was our Pinterest party :) My fav SM for sending me the most views is Pinterest.

  3. Great set of tips! I'm always looking for more way to grow my following on Pinterest and better ways to utilize it!

    Thanks for linking up at Gingham & Roses!
    Hope to see you back next week!

    Tenns @ New Mama Diaries

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  9. Great list. This is a wonderful post!! I pinned it. I must work on getting the Pin it buttons on my site! My next step in my list of "to dos". Glad I found you!

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