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REVIEW: Rival 6 Cup Rice Cooker

Rival 6-Cup Rice Cooker ReviewThanks to my Dear Husband, I received a Rival 6-Cup Rice Cooker for Christmas 2013. It was one of the few things on my Christmas wish list and he made sure I got one!

I mainly wanted one because my husband loves rice {and I wanted to be like all the other fancy families in America and have a rice cooker}. Dear Hubby loves rice with just about anything, especially when I cook anything with BBQ. {He loves BBQ sauce in his rice.}
I had always heard about how simple it was to cook perfect rice with a rice cooker and I was super excited to try it for myself. 

The night after Christmas, I opened up my new rice cooker and set out to see just what it was all about, and if it really did make perfect rice....

This is what the box looks like  
{Did you notice the blue remnants of wrapping paper on the bottom of the box?}

Rival 6 Cup Rice Cooker Review
What’s in the Box:
  • The box included the 6 Cup Rival Rice Cooker
  • A small instruction manual {thank goodness! I had no idea there was something called a ‘rice cup’ and that it was different measurements than a typical measuring cup.}
  • A rice cup
  • A rice ladle / spatula
Price Range:
Depending on where you purchase it from, the Rival 6 Cup runs from $14-$20. Hubby purchased mine at Walmart around Christmas time, but you can also find them at for about the same price range in different colors and styles.
  • Easy on/auto off Switch with light indicator
  • Removable, easy to clean rice pot
  • Easy to read markings on the inside of the rice cooker to insure easy, accurate water measurements
  • Automatically turns from cook to warm when the rice is finished.

How to Use:

Start by rinsing your rice in a fine strainer. Rinse the rice until all the water runs clear. The instruction book says that this is important! If you do not rinse the rice, the starch will create a foul odor and it may stink or get pasty. Honestly, I have never rinsed my rice until I started using the rice cooker so I did not know about this.
Displaying IMG_20131229_170130.jpg

Add the rice using the rice cup provided with the rice cooker. {One normal measuring  cup =  ¾ rice cup.} Add water according to the amount of rice you add. 1 Cup of Rice = Water to Line #1. {Remember we are using the rice cup.} Cover with the lid.

Displaying IMG_20131229_170626.jpg
Press the lever to COOK and relax…

Displaying IMG_20131229_170509.jpg
In about 20-25 minutes the lever will move to WARM and the orange indicator light will come on. Depending on the amount of rice you cook, the time may vary slightly. When it’s done you will have fresh, steamed rice that took very little effort to perfect!  

Use the rice spatula to fluff, serve or add to serving dish.

My Review:
Overall, I love my Rival 6-Cup Rice Cooker! This was my first time ever using a rice cooker and it was so simply! The rice turned out wonderful and hubby – the rice eater– was very pleased!
I did notice that there were a few small spots on the sides and bottom that did get a little pasty/sticky though most of them broke up easily with the spatula. Since this was my first time using a rice cooker I waved it off as probably operator error.  Overall, I was very pleased and would recommend this rice cooker for anyone. It’s quick, easy to use, and easy to clean up!  

Now, I'm off to get the new The Ultimate Rice Cooker CookBook and the 300Best Rice Cooker Recipes Cookbook. I should be able to find Dear Hubby several new rice recipes for putting my new rice cooker to good use!


  1. Then Hawaii is the place for your husband! Here in Hawaii Rice is served with EVERYTHING! It isnt a side dish it is a main dish. I kid you not there is a spam eggs and rice platter on the mc donalds breakfast menu!!!

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