Sunday, January 19, 2014

Why More Twitter Followers Can Sometimes Mean Less

Whether you are seeking more Twitter follower to gain exposure for your site, increase your Klout and social ratings or, seeking to increase your Twitter followers for networking purposes, you probably know by now that it doesn’t happen overnight.
The good news is, there are a couple things you can do to get more Twitter followers that will eventually lead to you reaching the numbers you desire. {We will discuss this part tomorrow.}

Before you start questioning how to get more Twitter Followers, I think it’s important to first understand what KIND of followers you should be aiming for, and why. I strongly believe it’s worth mentioning that when it comes to social media followers, more does not always mean better.

There are two kinds of Twitter Followers: 
The kind that actually FOLLOW you, and the kind that follow you simply by pressing a button.

The one’s that actually follow you *true followers*  {aka friends on Twitter} will be just like your friends on Facebook. They will check out your feed, respond to Tweets, visit your pages, etc.

The kind of followers that are just there because they pressed the FOLLOW button, are just that. They pressed your follow button, and chances are that’s all you will ever get from them; they are empty followers. You have nothing to benefit from them.  A simple button click, a single increase in your Twitter follower count, and nothing else. No replies, no retweets, no blog visits… nothing else! Zip, zero, zilch!

Assuming that you want more followers so that you can increase the readership of your blog or increase your influence scores, it’s important to realize that your FOLLOWERS are like the CONTENT YOU CREATE… QUALITY should be superior to QUANTITY.

Of course if you are trying to flaunt and show off your fancy numbers then bigger may mean better for you. And chances are, that is all you will ever have— a high number of social media followers and nothing else. But, if you want more followers in order to be successful and to increase readership on your website, then you will need to understand why bigger is not always better. It goes back to the old saying, “more is less”.

Empty Followers:

Let’s say you find some crazy scheme {or even pay} for 1,000 new Twitter followers overnight. Okay, great— but, before you go breaking out the champagne you need to realize you now have 1,000 followers who know nothing about you, nothing about your website, and probably won’t ever visit your Twitter profile much less your blog or website. In all reality, you have nothing to gain from those followers. They are empty followers.
Chances are these new followers are nothing more than a # on your stats.  But hey, it’s okay! You’re another # for them, too. Life goes on, right?

WRONG!  If you are sitting back thinking along the lines of “hey, at least it’s another number and now I can get more sponsorships!” then chances are you aren’t going get far with your new sponsors. Sure, you might get one, even two or three campaign opportunities with them, but after a few weeks, when they realize your 1,000 happy-go-lucky followers aren’t actually following you and visiting your blog, connecting with your Tweets, and most importantly— clicking on their ads or visiting their site, you can forget about getting future sponsorships with this company.
True Followers:

However, if you take the time to build genuinely interested followers, you will see that your followers actually do FOLLOW you and interact with you.  That’s because the 100 followers who found your website, enjoyed your content and followed you, did so because THEY ACTUALLY LIKE YOUR WORK and connected with you and are now engaging with what you publish. These types of followers are going to be way more beneficial to you, and your Sponsors.
Take the time to build genuinely interested followers.
Once your follower count starts to increase with *genuine* followers, you’ll also see that your favorites, retweets, blog comments, page views and overall readership will increase. When your readership increases, so will your sponsorships.
Meanwhile, the 1,000 quick-scheme followers won’t even see, click, or even care about what you were writing in the first place. They aren’t going to bring any page views or revenue for you or your sponsors.—Face it, they don’t even know you exist!}
Long story short, what I am trying to say is that you shouldn’t get so caught up in worrying about the numbers game. Focus on creating quality content that will engage your readers and have them wanting more. When they want more, they will follow you and your number will increase naturally, with genuine readers.
Oh, and don’t spend your time begging for followers {that’s just tacky and annoying}, waste money on get-followers-quick schemes, or waste your time participating in some random follower scheme. And last but not least, don’t expect to be a Social Media Icon overnight. Gaining a fan base of Twitter Followers takes time, patience, and most importantly, good content and get good promotion. {Promotion is another topic—we will touch bases on that one soon, too. Meanwhile, research ‘how to promote your content on Twitter’}
Getting more Twitter Followers takes time, patience, and most importantly, good content.
When you produce unique, quality content, people will want more. When they want more, they will follow you. Plain, and simple!
While browsing through a few images to find one that fit this post, I stumbled across The Ethics of Getting More Followers over at Soshable. That post completely coincides with what I’m trying to say here, and gives a real life scenario from one of the worlds top Tweeters. I strongly suggest you check it out when you get a moment.
And just for the record...
Please don’t confuse my example of a ‘crazy link up scheme’ to something like a small blog hop or link up party. I’m referring to the huge sites that offer you 1,000 followers for X amount of dollars or the huge “I’ll follow you if you follow me” deals.
I do participate in social media link ups for related blogs. In fact, I recently started my own for So Simply Stephanie called Social Media Saturday  {I didn’t want to overdue Sunday’s since there was already a few link ups on Saturdays.}
I have met several great Twitter Followers through blog link ups and hops. Yes, it’s a small ‘link up’ but, I participate in link ups with blogs and followers that have similar content to my own blog, So Simply Stephanie. Therefore, they have the same interest as me, and would actually be interested in what I write, and likewise. We visit each other sites, comment on each other’s post and are truly interested in each other’s work, not just our Twitter Follower count.}

What do you think?
What are your thoughts on gaining more Twitter Followers? Do you aim for followers who will interact, or do you simply focus on increasing your numbers for other reasons?  Share your ideas and success/failures on gaining new followers.


  1. This is a fabulous post! I left a comment on Google+ about it. It was a little rambling, but hopefully my point got across. lol.
    You covered EVERYTHING I obsess about & over in this post.
    I honestly would rather have a core group (even if its less than 20) of "blogger friends" that I interact with.

    I'll ring the "Honesty Bell" I am/was an obsessed blogger. I want(ed) all of those wonderful followers that leave gushing comments, re tweet my links, share my posts, etc.
    Who doesn't?! HELLO?!
    BUT I began to over obsess, and that's not cool. It's not healthy. I found myself "competing" and getting mad if so and so got this coveted arc or on this wonderful tour or got this item to review, and I felt worse about myself and gave up trying. I lost ALL focus and motivation. I forgot "ME". I forgot what made me go to blogspot/blogger & create that initial blog a few years back.
    In 2014 I vowed to myself that if I were to continue doing this I would stop the BS.
    I set personal and professional "bloggy goals" to keep my focused and less worried about the BS of who has what and got what and blah blah blah.
    I want my blog to make ppls days a little better after reading my posts. It can be because I: made them laugh, gave them an idea, made them think, inspired, made them forget about life for a few, etc. As long as it's a good end result.

    Sorry to of rambled. Again. I love a good post like this that puts it into perspective.

  2. I agree with this 100%! And I think it goes for Facebook and other social media as well...Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board.


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