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3 Must-Try Bacon Recipes | #DoUsAFlavor

best bacon recipes
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One of my favorite things about being a mom and a wife is cooking for my family! Since I'm a rather picky eater and don’t eat many veggies, I have learned to adapt over the years and get creative in the kitchen.

Being a true southern girl at heart – and in the kitchen, there are a few things that are required in almost every meal: BACON, butter, and a big glass of sweet tea! {No need to go calling up Paula Deen, Y’all! She wasn't the first person to discover the deliciousness butter and bacon.— Oh, and don’t judge me! I said GOOD, not HEALTHY!

Some of my favorite, most creative, best raved-about recipes came from adding a little bacon or bacon drippings to a rather simple or traditional recipe. Some of these recipes are quick, simple and perfect for a weeknight meal, while some of them tend to be a little more time consuming but, well-worth the work!

Below are 3 of my best bacon recipes! Hope you enjoy!

Sweet Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops

sweet bacon pork chop wraps recipe
My all-time-best-ever bacon recipe is my Sweet Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops. I came up with this idea after making Paula Deen’s Chicken Bacon Wraps, which were a huge hit but, were time consuming with all the little bite sized pieces. Plus, the chicken didn't seem to hold and meld the flavors as well as I would have liked. My creative fix: using strips of boneless pork chops, rolling in the brown sugar mix before and after wrapping with them with bacon. Results: TOTALLY AWESOME! 

My Sweet Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops has been a huge hit for dinner, served as an appetizer for parties and family gatherings, and since I posted it online it has gone viral and been featured many times on different cooking blogs. For the recipe, visit my other post, Sweet Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops Recipe.

Cheesy Green Bean Casserole Recipe

cheesy green bean casserole recipeAnother one of my quick, go-to recipes is my Cheesy Green Bean Casserole. Since green beans are one of the few vegetables that I do eat, I played around a few years ago and came up with a fancy casserole that doesn't contain mushrooms, French onions or anything else that goes on my Ick-Factor List.  This casserole goes great as a side dish for family dinner or holiday get together.

At first, people are a little skeptical and always end up putting just a bite or two on their plate, obviously trying to be polite. Needless, to almost everyone returns shortly after for a big helping!

Cheesy Green Bean Casserole Recipe
For this recipe, I simply heat a couple of cans of green beans on the stove and boil 1-2 minutes to heat them thoroughly. Next, drain the green beans.You want them drained but, but not dry. A little juice will be needed to help them steam and melt the cheese without drying out. 

Next, add a layer of green beans to a large baking dish, enough to cover the bottom of the pan. Sprinkle with crumbled bacon and shredded Velveeta. Now, add another green layer of green beans, Velveeta and bacon. Drizzle with 2 tablespoons of milk and cover with aluminum foil. Bake 20-25 minutes at 350 degrees or until the cheese is melted. Remove tin foil, sprinkle with a more crumbled bacon and serve hot.

You can make this dish ahead of time and keep it covered in the fridge. Remove 30-45 minutes prior to cooking and allow it to reach room temperature before putting in the oven.

 Grilled Bacon Chicken & Cheese Sandwiches

Last but not least, another one of my family-favorite bacon recipes are my Grilled Bacon Chicken & Cheese Sandwiches. Picture a warm, gooey grilled cheese loaded with crumbled bacon and chunks of warm, delicious chicken! *Yum!*  Plus, the recipe is super-simple!

Grilled Bacon Chicken & Cheese Sandwich Recipe 

grilled cheese with bacon and chicken recipe
French Bread sliced into 1/2 inch slices
Crispy Bacon Crumbled
Shredded Velveeta
Cooked Chicken Breast Cut into 1/2 chunks
Butter or Margarine

Spread a thin layer of margarine or butter on one side of each slice of French bread. Place one slice, butter side down, in a warm skillet. Add a layer of Velvetta, then a layer of bacon, a layer of chicken, and finish off with another layer of Velvetta. Add another slice of French bread with the butter on the outside. {The butter needs to be out the outside of the sandwich so that it grills the bread. Do not butter the inside or else it will be greasy.}

Cook on medium heat for 4-5 minutes until the bottom piece of bread is golden brown. Carefully flip sandwich and cook the other side for another 4-5 minutes or until golden brown and all cheese is melted.
That's it! Serve with your favorite chips or home-fries!

All this talk about bacon has my mouth watering now, along with several ideas for a few new creative bacon recipes! For now, I think I will settle for a BLT and chips, of course, minus the L and the T! Just bacon & mayo on toasted Texas toast, some potato chips and a big glass of iced sweet tea! Oh my!

Lay's #DoUsAFlavor Contest

Speaking of chips, creative recipes and bacon, wouldn't a cheesy bacon chip be yummy? Kind of like the typical bacon cheddar fries you find in the chip isle? What about a crispy potato chip flavor that was similar to the Sweet Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops? Sweet brown sugar, a touch of chili powder and some hickory smoked bacon, all rolled into one magically flavored potato chip? 

What flavor(s) do you think would make a great potato chip? What if I told you that your potato chip flavor idea might could win you $1 Million Dollars in the Lay’s Do Us A Flavor Contest? {See Rules}

The Lay’s “Do Us A Flavor” contest invites fans nationwide to submit their ideas for the next great Lay’s potato chip flavor for the chance to win a $1 million grand prize. {See Rules} Fans can choose their favorite ingredient to make the perfect flavor and also choose from Lay's Original, Wavy or Kettle Cooked, to create the perfect new chip.

A judging panel made up of chefs, foodies and flavor experts will narrow down the contest submissions to four finalist flavors. The four finalist flavors will then be fully developed by Frito-Lay’s culinary experts and unveiled in summer 2014 and sold nationwide. From there, it will be up to fans to vote for the finalist flavor they want to see stay on store shelves, and the finalist behind the winning flavor will take home the grand prize of $1 MILLION DOLLARS! {See official rules for prizes and contest information HERE.}

The Lay’s “Do Us A Flavor” contest ends April 5th, 2014 so get your ideas in soon! 

Click HERE to enter the Lay’s “Do Us A Flavor” contest.


  1. Hi - I love your recipes but I'm getting older (actually I'm already there) and I do HAVE to eat healthy. All the same I think I'm going to try your green bean casserole and your grilled chicken and cheese sandwich - I'll just consider them my monthly sin. Looking forward to your next post.

  2. Bacon? Did someone say bacon? All of these look awesome. I am on a low carb diet and I can have all the bacon I want. :) I give myself "cheat" days and I can eat the sliders on those days. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. It's making hungry to read your blog! Pinned! Thank you again for stopping the Lou Lou Girls party. I hope to see you next week. Lou Lou Girls

  4. These recipes sound so good. I am pinning! I honestly don't believe all the nonsense about real food being bad for us. It's all the fake stuff that is killing us. Give me real butter and bacon any day! My grandparents ate it everyday and lived into their nineties. Have a wonderful week!
    Blessings, Deborah

  5. Bacon makes everything better! Love your post. Pinned! Thanks for being part of our party. Please come by and show off on Monday at 7 pm. We would love it! http://loulougirls.blogspot.com/
    Happy Saturday! Lou Lou Girls


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