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Pillowtex Triple Core White Duck Down & Feather Pillow Review | #Giveaway {Ends April 7th}

 *I received a free Pillowtex Triple Core White Duck Down & Feather Pillow to facilitate this review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for the review. All thoughts and opinions listed below are my own honest opinion.*

There are only a few things that Jeremy {hubby} and I don't agree on, and pillows are one of them! I like lots of big fluffy, firm pillows and Jeremy likes little dinky thin, soft pillows. I can't count how many pillows I have purchased just to get them home and they were too hard, or too soft, or went flat after just a few weeks.  Off to the guest bedroom they went.

Lucky for us, I was recently given the opportunity to try the new Pillowtex Triple Core White Duck Down & Feather Pillow from in exchange for an honest review. I figured at least one of us would end up liking the new pillow since it would most likely fall into the category of big and fluffy, or soft and thin.

Pillowtex Triple Core White Duck Down & Feather Pillow 

 The Pillowtex Triple Core White Duck Down & Feather Pillow is made up of three chambers to provide excellent support combined with comfort. The inner core is filled with 5% White Duck Down and 95% White Duck Feather, while the two outer cores are filled with 25% White Duck Down and 75% White Duck Feather.

The three chambers are then covered by two layers of 230 thread-count fabric made of 100% cotton, with double-stitched seams to insure the durability and longevity of each pillow.


  • Manufactured by: Pillowtex ® 
  • Firmness: Medium / Medium+ 
  • Fill: 95% White Duck Feather/5% White Duck Down Inner Layer, 75% White Duck Feather/25% White Duck Down Outer Layers
  • Fabric: Two Layers 100% Cotton fabric, 230 Thread Count 
  • Construction: Double Stitch Edges 
  • Fill Weight: 28 oz Size: 
  • Standard 20” x 26” 

My Review

Shortly after receiving my new Pillowtex Triple Core White Duck Down & Feather Pillow, I took it out of the shipping box to find it nestled in a protective zipper case. {Okay, call me a backwoods girl, but all the pillows I ever purchased were in plastic sleeves. Even the expensive ones, so I figured this was going to be a great sign that this would be a high-quality pillow!}

To start with,  I was quite impressed to see that as soon as I took it out of the fancy zipper bag,  it nearly doubled in size in a matter of seconds. Another thing I noticed almost immediately, was the extremely soft exterior fabric! Who wouldn't want to cuddle with this, right?

Well, with all the trouble that I have been through with trying to find a good pillow that is not only comfortable, but will also last more than a few weeks, I was anxious to try out my new pillow.

The First Night... 
Unexpectedly, I did NOT get to sleep with my new Pillowtex Triple Core White Duck Down & Feather Pillow on the first night! Nor, the second... nor the third!  Why? Because Jeremy had to try it out. REALLY? Are you kidding me?

I finally get an awesome pillow and he wants to try it out? What part of it's big and fluffy and MINE didn't he get? Besides, he's never interested in things like this.

Being a good wife, I didn't say anything and I let him try it out. After THREE NIGHTS of him using the new pillow, I finally had to stake my claim. I mean after all, how am I supposed to give an honest review when I can't even manage to get it on my side of the bed! No doubt, the fourth night it would be mine!

Finally, the fourth night rolls around and I finally get to sleep with my new Pillowtex pillow. Immediately, I noticed the difference between the Pillowtex down pillow and my Sealy firm pillows.

The first thing I noticed was how soft and fluffy it was. At first I was a little worried that it may be too soft! You can actually place your hand in the center of the pillow, press down, and watch it rise back up within a few seconds, similar to memory foam, except that it returns to its normal shape much quicker.

Though I was worried it would be too soft, I was quite surprised to get snuggled into bed and realize that though it was super-soft, it still had a great amount of neck support which, is the main reason I prefer firm pillows.

I also think that it's worth mentioning that unlike some down & feather pillows, you can not feel the quills inside the pillow. Yes, you can squeeze the pillow and feel the feathers, but not the sharp quills that tend to poke through the exterior cover on lower-quality feather pillows. I think that has to do with the quality of both the cotton cover and the down used by Pillowtex.

All and all, I love my new Pillowtex Triple Core White Duck Down & Feather Pillow and would recommend it to anyone looking for a quality, well-constructed down pillow.

In addition to the Pillowtex Triple Core White Duck Down & Feather Pillow, also offers an impressive line of comforters, duvets, toppers and even feather beds! You can view their entire line of luxury bedding at {Formerly,}

Now, Time for the Giveaway!

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DISCLOSURE:  *I received a free Pillowtex Triple Core White Duck Down & Feather Pillow to facilitate this review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for the review. All thoughts and opinions listed below are my own honest opinion and have not been influenced in any way. In addition, provided an additional product to facilitate the associated giveaway. This post may also contain affiliate links which may result in me earning a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on any links on this site.*


  1. This pillow sounds amazing. I really like the fact that you can't feel the quills!
    Just to let you know, the links didn't work for me. I went to the website, and they have some amazing stuff!

    1. Thanks Angela! I just realized that the two near the bottom were not working, thanks to you bringing it to my attention. *Fixed* Yes, their website is amazing- I would love to try the feather bed!

  2. Your review was very enjoyable to read and has convinced me that I need to try this pillow. I need a pillow that is soft yet firm enough to support my neck. I use a CPAP machine and it can get very uncomfortable sleeping on my side with a pillow that is too thin or too hard. Who uses the pillow now you or your husband?

    1. Thanks Jan, I'm glad you liked it! I was trying to go for the typical review and be more 'professional & proper' leaving the family drama out of it, but dang- it's hard to write an honest review when you leave the real details out. LOL. :)

      As for your question, I have the pillow! :) Believe it or not, he actually liked it, a lot- and it helped with his back, but lucky for me, he hasn't asked for it back... He also doesn't know that my review is published! Ha :) I think I will quietly order him one and then when it comes it, let him know that he's not getting mine back, and that at least I was nice enough to get him one! :)

  3. I like a pillow with a lot of support, so this looks like its worth trying.

  4. I would LOVVVVVE this pillow by the sounds of your review!

  5. I like feather pillows & it would be nice to have one that you couldn't feel the quills poking you when sleeping on it :)

  6. The pillow looks wonderful. I have a hard time with alot of pillows and wake up with a stiff neck and a headache. Would love to try out this great pillow

  7. Thanks for the great review. I love a down/feather pillow. This one sounds terrific and well worth a try.

  8. I have lots of ear piercings and this sounds like this pillow would be perfect for my ears

  9. There is nothing like sleeping on down. I used to have a down comforter that I LOVED - so I know I would absolutely LOVE this pillow and wish so much that I had one I could call my own.

  10. I have never had a feather pillow, but I would love to sleep on one. I am grateful to the ducks who found it in their hearts to selflessly donate their down for people to have good nights sleep. Ducks is so amazing.

  11. This pillow sounds great. I really need a new one. I bought one thinking it was soft but after a few weeks it was flat. I would love to try this one. I love how the sharp parts are not there to poke through the case into my face.

  12. The Pillowtex Pillow sounds like a nice and comfortable pillow. The pillow I have feels like rolled fabric encased, to mimic a pillow. You are so right, most of the pillows on the market starts off fluffy,then eventually it goes flat. I've never slept on a down and feather pillow, but I am curious to know how it feels.

  13. I would love to try one out. I've slept before on a feather pillow and either it was very old or not well made, because I kept feeling the "stick" part of the feathers poking through. I think the down in this one would probably fix that problem though.

  14. I sooooo.... need a new pillow and this sounds perfect!

  15. This looks like an awesome pillow!! I love that it is so soft.

  16. I have neck problems and would love to try this pillow and see if it helps it looks so soft.

  17. I would love to try it out. It looks luxurious and I bet it would be perfect. I am a firm pillow fan and always have to use two pillows.

  18. This looks like a luxurious pillow! I'm a fan of firm pillows and I bet this would be a dream to use.

  19. I think this pillow is great I love you cant feel the quills and plus I love me a big soft and fluffy pillow.


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