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Tools4Wisdom 2014 Planner Review | A Great Planner for Bloggers

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Some of my New Year’s Resolutions & Goals for 2014, included becoming more successful with So Simply Stephanie, more organized {keeping an editorial schedule, keeping track of progress, what worked, what didn't, etc.} So far it has been going okay- I have been trying to keep up with my editorial schedule, but unfortunately, the super-cute blogger planner that I printed out just isn't cutting it. It has tons of reosurces in it for keeping up with income, giveaways and sponsors, but very minimal space for actually keeping up with my schedule which, was the whole purpose of putting it together.

 When I was given the opportunity to review the Tools4Wisdom 2014 Weekly Planner, I thought it would be a great way to stay on track. Especially, if the planner was packed full of resources for daily, weekly and monthly tasks, plus tools for tracking my goals.

At first, I thought the Tools4Wisdom 2014 Weekly Planner was specifically a blog planner. I was wrong! But,  that’s kind of a good thing. I already had a planner that I printed out at the first of the year. It works- but only has the monthly calendar for writing down tasks. It’s packed with other goodies, but it doesn't have the space I need to actually write in more than one or two my tasks a day. Lucky for me, the Tools4Wisdom 2014 Weekly Planner has so much more to offer. More in the terms of writing space, but also organization, goals and more specific scheduling-- all the way down to the time of day!

Now, time for my review of the Tools4Wisdom 2014 Weekly Planner, as well as more info about what it has to offer and why I personally, would recommend every blogger to have one!

Daily Schedule with Time Slots

First off, the Tools4Wisdom 2014 Weekly Planner has a daily and weekly planner. I REALLY like this option because I can open it up to the current week, and right there is my whole week planned out, day by day! Unlike my blog calendar, this one has time slots for each day, much like you would see in a standard agenda. The day starts at 5:00am and goes through 11pm, with time 30 minute intervals. 

In my opinion, having time slots are a huge PLUS for bloggers! Now, I can actually show what posts are scheduled for what time, schedule in events like Twitter parties. And, wait for it… wait for it… I can now schedule in all my favorite blog hops and links ups with the actual time they start! That means I can be ready and waiting at 8pm on Monday nights to hop right into the Turn It Up Tuesday Link-Up!

For those of you who are already an Organized Super-Mom and already know the link-up and blog hop schedules like you know the days of the week, my hat apron is off to you ladies! Between being gone from the house from 5:45am until 6:15pm, trying to get home and do dinner, spend time with Miss K, spend time with Jeremy, do wife duties, and hopefully, just hopefully, have time to crack open my laptop, the last thing I can keep up with is the date and time of each of the hops and link-ups I participate in. Now I can spend less time sifting through invites and simply check my daily calendar. :) 

Weekly Schedule

The weekly schedule consists of all seven daily columns being charted out like a normal agenda. On the left-hand side of each week there are two sections; “What are the MAJOR outcomes for this week?” and “What creative ideas will help improve the quality of my life this week?” This section is great for tracking your weekly goals and what you will need to do to accomplish them.

There is also a section for four of your biggest outcomes/goals for the week and three steps you will take to achieve them.  Here you can use your biggest opportunities/campaigns, or even your goals in general. This will be a great area for tracking your weekly goals such as landing a major sponsorship and the three steps will you use to to do so. Also, something similar to setting a goal for getting an additional 500 Facebook Followers that week. An example of the three steps to complete the goal could be something similar to: 1. Be more active on Facebook, 2. Host a giveaway, 3. Promote your Facebook Page on other social media outlets.

The next resource on the weekly calendar, *and one of my favorites*, is the Priorities section. This section is pretty big and is broken up into two columns: Personal Priorities and Other Priorities. It is then divided into Top Priorities, High Value Priorities and Errand. I will probably use the personal section for blogging and other for any major events I need to remember for personal life such as parties, weddings etc, so that I don't commit myself on a day/week that I won't be available. I also like this section because I can place my deadlines for event submissions, follow up requirements, major campaigns start/ends dates,  event email reminders, etc., in this section so that it doesn't accidentally get overlooked, and it’s right there- front and center!

{Keep in mind- this weekly planner is not just for ‘bloggers’ so it’s in a general format that you can use for  both personal and blogging life; combined or separated. Just alter it to meet your needs.}

Monthly Calendar

In addition to a daily and weekly planner, the Tools4Wisdom 2014 Weekly Planner also provides a monthly overview with the standard wall calendar format consisting of rather large blocks for plenty of writing space, two large Notes & Ideas sections on the bottom of each page, and a Main Goals section on the right-side for keeping up with your goals for the month.

I liked this portion of the calendar because I can quickly glance and see any major events, posts, or campaigns for the month. I won’t schedule in my actual blog posts on this part unless they are something major. However I could put jot down my Giveaway start & end dates, campaign due dates, and even blog hops and link ups. I can also use it to notate important holidays to schedule my posts around, Twitter Parties and similar events so that I don’t overbook myself and don’t have to flip through each week looking for a date I am available. The ideas are endless for using this part of the calendar!

In addition to the calendar, each month has a Monthly Priorities Masterlist page for keeping up with personal and work related growth. This section includes Top Priorities, High Value Priorities and a Notes & Other Priorities section.

Adjacent to the Monthly Priorities Masterlist page is the Essential Goals for the month page. There is a dedicated spot for the biggest outcome/goal, followed by five other goals and includes sections for why you want to achieve that specific goal and steps to achieve the goal. This is great for keeping up with your monthly goals and being able to keep track of what steps you have taken to succeed, and later on you can reflect back on these pages to see which steps worked or didn't work, for future goals.

Yearly Goals

The very front of the Tools4Wisdom 2014 Weekly Planner includes spaces for you to list your goals for the year by Top Priority, Medium Priority and Optional. This is a great way to see your yearly goals overall, in addition to the weekly and monthly list of goals you set for yourself.  I will use this area for my yearly goals such as 10,000 Facebook Fans by the end of the year, 50 email subscribers, etc. Then I can set a goal for something like 50 new subscribers a month, in order to help me reach my overall goal of 500 by the end of the year. I will then put the smaller goal of 50 new subscribers a month in the Goals section for each individual month so that I can track it every month and stay on target.

Other Resources

Summary of Milestones
In addition to tracking your goals with the yearly list, there is a Summary of Milestones page that includes a breakdown of Milestones to Accomplish for each month, with sections for  Key Success Factors and Notes.

Areas of Focus
Going back to personal agendas, the Tools4Wisdom 2014 Weekly Planner also includes a couple of pages for Areas-Of-Focus to help prompt health goals for personal and business growth, along with a section for tracking them as well.

About the Construction of the Planner 

The planner is the standard 8 ½ x 11 inches, is spiral bound and about ½ inch thick. The agenda is printed on high-quality, durable paper that should last the entire year without tearing or falling apart. The front and back cover consists of a very thick sheet of plastic with a matte finish. This will help protecting it from spills, rain {going back and forth from the office}, and a dirty appearance from a full year’s worth of use. If something gets spilled, simply wipe it off with a damp cloth.

My Overall Review of the Tools4Wisdom 2014 Weekly Planner

Overall, I love my new Tools4Wisdom 2014 Weekly Planner! I would recommend it for anyone who wishes to keep track of things on a daily bases, stay scheduled and organized, and anyone looking to work on a variety of goals and track their progress.

This planner can be used for blogging, personal life/growth, and/or work and business related schedules. It’s very general for the most part, making it perfect for practically any user since it is not tailored to any specific lifestyle or business category.

Where to Purchase Your Own

You can purchase your own Tools4Wisdom 2014 Weekly Planner at They have a variety of colors to choose from plus, other products such as Premium Padfolio Covers to fit their planners. They also have other style planners with a variety of options to choose from. 


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

I received the Tools4Wisdom 2014 Weekly Planner for free in exchange for an honest review. I was not asked to provide a positive review and did not receive any monetary compensation. All thoughts and opinions stated in this review are my own honest opinion. In addition, some of the link may include affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on any of my links. I am disclosing this fact in accordance with FTC Guidelines. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

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  1. I am always looking for a good product to keep track of where I post, as well as deadlines etc. I think I'll give this one a try! Thanks for your detailed review.


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