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Heroes of the City App Review | Free Kids App

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A few weeks ago I shared a giveaway for an awesome Heroes of the City prize pack and shared and also mentioned their free kids app. Today, I'm gonna share my review, along with a more detailed information about this cute little educational app for kids and why Miss K loves it. Not only does it includes games and movies, but it also includes so much more! And if you missed my last post, don't worry, I have added the links below so that you can download it for free on both iTunes & Google Play.

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About the Heroes of the City App for Kids

The Heroes of the City Free App for kids is more than your typical free kids app. This app is more like several-in-one. It offers more than 6 hours of Heroes of the City movies, and nine exciting games. The app is free but, you can also purchase additional games and movies to add to the app.

free kids apps

The free version comes with a full movie episode, 3 games and a free music video. This is all in one single app, so there's no need to download multiple separate apps. We have the free version with the 3 games, full movie and music video and Miss K loves it. 

The Heroes of the City App for kids is meant for kids ages 2-6, and Miss K {3 yo} loves it! She hasn't had any problems navigating between the different functions and features as it is very age appropriate. 

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The Heroes of the City app is available for kids of all languages! The app includes English, Thai, Swedish, Russian, Korean, Dutch, Italian, Czech and Hungarian. This is a great way to help them interact with any new languages you may be teaching them. 

The Heroes of the City app also includes an Air Play function for use on Apple TV!

Available for FREE at iTunes &  Google Play.

My Heroes of the City App Review

I have to say that Heroes of the City is Miss K's favorite app so far. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that not only is she already a fan of the TV series, but it has several options for her to choose from; games, drawing, videos, movies and more. 

She especially likes the puzzle game which is broken up into awkward shapes instead of standard puzzle pieces, and the scene consist of one of the many characters. I like particularly like the puzzle because it helps her to identify the correct objects/shapes rather than being a standard puzzle that is sometimes too hard.

Another one of her favorites Heroes of the City App games is the train track game! She has to arrange several pieces of train tracks to get the engine to the finish line. She loves completing the track and then washing the engine stroll up and down, and all around until it finally reaches the finish line. 

train games for kids
The Train Track Game that Miss K Loves to Play
The thing I really like about the app is that instead of a single game play, this games are broken into levels which, allows your child to collect trophies and unlock secret surprises as the skill level progresses. The is especially important for smaller users who may need more time to learn how to play the game and get more familiar before it gets to hard. It also helps to increase their skill levels without starting out to hard and causing them to give up or feel like they can't do it.

I, as the parent, also appreciate the thought put into the parental control for the game's STORE section. As I mentioned earlier, you can purchase additional moves and games for the store but unlike most kids app, this app has a parental control which requires you to enter the pass code which, written out and then has to be submitted using numbers in the correct order. This helps to prevent accidental taps, purchases and more. 

Overall, I have been very pleased with the Heroes of the City free app for kids. While I typically don't pay for app with so many free ones out there, I will be purchasing the add-ons for Heroes of the City. Mainly because Miss K enjoys playing the app more than the others, and because they are very cheap. 

You can buy Fun Packs which, include 4 movies and a game in each one for only $4.26. You can purchase each Fun Pack individually or you can purchase all 6 of them which, includes 6 games and 24 additional movies, for only $15.08. Now that's a very good deal if you ask me considering there are no any pop ups, ads to worry about or unsafe/adult material accessed or shown, like I have found many other free kids apps to have. {Nothing makes me madder than downloading an app that Miss K can't hardly play for all the stinking ads at the bottom of the screen, especially when they are adult content! No doubt the creator knows that a 3 year old will be tapping all over the screen and eventually select it by accident.}

Free Kids App Download

You too, can download the Heroes of the City App for free for your iPad, iPhone or android devices at iTunes & GooglePlay.

What are your thoughts on this adorable kids app? Have you tried it or will you be downloading it? 

Share your thoughts in the comments section below! :) 

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