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How to Monetize Your Blog with ShareASale | Commissions, Sponsored Posts, Review Opps & More

How to Monetize Your Blog With ShareASale

*Updated: 3/27/2017*

Are you looking to make money with your blog? How about sponsored posts, review opps and similar sponsored opportunities for bloggers? Then you have come to the right place! I am a ShareASale affiliate and have been very successful and would personally recommend them if you are looking to monetize your blog. Below is a tutorial for how to make money with ShareASale, along with a list of merchants who offer blog opps.

Whether you are new to blogging, looking to earn a few dollars to cover your hosting expenses, or looking to earn enough to support your family, then ShareASale is a great way to monetize your blog. Of course, you won't become a millionaire overnight but, there is great potential for anyone who enjoys blogging and creates quality content. *Be sure to go to the bottom of this post to see a list of merchants that offe sponsored posts, reviews and offers besides just ads. If you know of any to add to the list, please leave a comment and I'll get them added ASAP!

ShareASale works with thousands of merchants with a variety of products and services. There large number of merchants means they will be able to provide dozens of resources for nearly any blog or website, regardless of the niche. If you are looking for a way to make money with your blog, I strongly suggest you check out ShareASale.

What is ShareASale?

Glad you asked! ShareASale is a company that connects bloggers and other publishers with a variety of merchants who want to promote their products and drive traffic to their sites. ShareASale has over 2,000 merchants who would love to work with you! As a blogger- you would need to sign up for ShareASale {you can do that HERE}, then browse through the list of merchants to find companies that offer products that would be of interest to your and your readers.

For instance, if you have a blog related to children, parenting, family, crafts, school or something similar, you would be a great fit for Mabel's Labels, Gymboree & Crazy 8, Tea Collection, and Little Passports..

If you have a home décor blog consider joining Craftsy.

And, if you blog about crafts, whether as a niche, or even occasionally, I would strongly suggest you join Craftsy. They have several opportunities for affiliates including commission on their classes, bonus posts {pretty much a sponsored post that is drafted out for your}, and several promotions at any given time. So Simply Stephanie is not a craft-niche blog, but I do blog about crafts in general and I have seen a great response from being an affiliate for them.

What are the Benefits of ShareASale?

Commission from Sales & Leads:
ShareASale has several benefits... obviously, you can earn money from by being an affiliate and sharing merchant links in your every day content. If you write about beauty products, you could feature some of the beauty merchants on ShareASale and include your affiliate links. For example, I recently posted my Beauty Box 5 Review and added my ShareASale affiliate links. Now, every time someone reads my review, clicks through my link and decides to purchase a Beauty Box 5, I earn a commission. Plus, since I was an affiliate, I received my Beauty Box 5 for FREE! Win-Win!

Display Ads:
Just like with any other ad site, {such as AdSense}, you can display merchants ads on your site. Many of the merchants have 50+ ads & banners to choose from in a variety of sizes, shapes, types, and promotions. Unlike AdSense and other auto-ad companies, you specifically choose the ads you want to display. Some merchants pay you a set amount just for displaying their add during a promotion or during a specific month. Those payments are usually $5-10, PLUS the commission you make when someone clicks or purchases from those ads.

The ads are always very nice looking, very clean and are easy to cut and copy with the link/HTML generator on the ShareASale site.

Bonus Posts:
In addition to adding links into the content you write, there are several ShareASale merchants that offer bonus posts. Craftsy and Mabel's Labels  are just a few of the merchants that I get bonus posts offers from. Every couple weeks they will send out an email with pre-written posts, usually a paragraph or two long, featuring their latest products or sale. The text is written, includes links with YOUR affiliate idea and is 100% ready to post. You can also edit the post if you want to create you own original content. If not, you can use the sample post they provide you. Again, it is already embedded with your links, you simply cut and copy. Those posts usually pay anywhere from $5-50 depending on the campaign. Some merchants offer even more if you have additional followers or great blog stats.

Referral Bonuses:
ShareASale and several of the merchants offer individual referral bonuses. These bonuses can range anywhere from $1 to $10+.  Not all merchants offer the affiliate bonus, but some do.

How to Do You Get Paid with ShareASale?

Each merchant has their own set amount that you will earn from them. This may be a certain percentage per sale or per click, or a certain amount per lead, sale or click. It varies by merchant but all this info is listed clearly on each merchants profile.

Each commission is put into your ShareASale account, and when you reach $50 you will receive your funds by check or direct deposit. Their system is very safe and secure- I personally, have never had any issues, nor heard of anyone else having issues.

How to Sign Up for ShareASale

You can sign up to be an affiliate at Once you have signed up and been approved, you can then sign up for each individual merchant that you think would be a good fit for your blog. There are thousands of merchants to choose from so the possibilities are endless!

Some merchants have auto approval, which means you will be able to start promoting right away, other merchants have chosen to review your blog before the approve you, and others have strict requirements that you must meet {usually high blog statistics- though, I have only seen two of these so far}. Then, when you are done, come back and sign up for the list of merchants below! These are some of the top performing merchants that also allow paid post, review opps and referral bonuses.

Best ShareASale Merchants to Get You Started

Okay, now that you have signed up for ShareASale, your wondering which merchants to start with. Well, here is my recommended list. Of course, you can pick and choose and find several others that will also be a great fit for your blog. These are some of the top merchants for mommy-blogs, family blogs, cooking blogs and fashion blogs. Feel free to sign up for one, or sign up for them all. The more you sign up for, the more options and requests you will have coming in. You aren't required to use any of them so there's nothing to lose. {Please note, some of these do include my affiliate link which will allow me to earn if you sign up via my link. }

MORE COMING SOON! Be sure to bookmark this site, Pin it, share it, or save it so that you can check back often! 

If you know of any ShareASale Merchants that are similar to these and offer paid opps please post the merchant name below and I will them to the list. You can also email me your links and I will gladly sign up through it if is a match for my blog and I'm not already an affiliate. You can email your links to 

Click the image below to Pin it to your Pinterest Board to read later and check for updates! Plus, share it with your favorite bloggers, too! 

earn money with shareasale

Disclosure: In accordance with FTC guidelines, I am disclosing that this post does include my ShareASale affiliate links. If you decide to sign up or make a purchase via any of the links in this post I most likely will receive a small commission. All information in this blog post is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.


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