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Pampers Wipes Gentle Clean Giveaway & Give-Back Mission | #PampersWipes

Spring is finally here! Now, comes the warm sunny days, open windows and spring cleaning! I have teamed up with the great folks over at Pampers and Double Duty Divas to bring you an awesome Gentle Clean Giveaway just in time to get started with your spring cleaning.

You will also find a few nifty ideas on how I use Pampers Sensitive Wipes for household cleaning, my gift of a gentle clean to a special friend of mine, and info on the awesome upcoming #PampersWipes Gentle Clean Twitter Party, where you can one of several prizes including a Roomba Pet and Allergy!

Be sure to read all the way to the bottom so that you can enter to win an awesome spring cleaning gift basket here, at So Simply Stephanie!

Disclosure: This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Pampers. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Why I Use Pampers Sensitive Wipes

I have been using Pampers diapers and Pampers Sensitive Wipes since Mrs. K was born. As a new mom, I was worried about skin allergies, sensitive skin, and the typical new-mom-worries. I chose Pampers Sensitive Wipes because Pampers is a trusted brand for my family {nieces, nephews, little sister}. They are hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, no added fragrance/perfumes and are clinically proven mild. What better way to offer a gentle clean?

Pampers Sensitive Wipes also offer a unique Softgrip Texture that helps grab hold of the messes and gently pipe them a way. This means less wiping and less skin irritation.
I can honestly say from one mom to another, these are the most gentle wipes I have found so far. In the few instances where I had to use another brand, I wasn't pleased. They would either be packed full of fragrance or the wipe would be to thick or tear easily. 

Now, Miss K is 3 years old and we still go through several packs of Pampers Sensitive Wipes  a month. Not just for diaper duties, but for several other uses, including household uses and cleaning.

A Few Ways I Use Pampers Sensitive Wipes Around the House

Aside from diaper duties, cleaning messy fingers and faces, and the occasional quick wipe down after outside playtime, there are several non-baby-related ways that I use Pampers Sensitive Wipes. Since the actual wipe {the cloth itself} is soft, it doesn't scratch surfaces. And, since there are no added chemicals, dyes or fragrance, they are gentle on whatever I choose to use them. 

Wipe Down the Ceiling Fans:
This is one my most recommended uses for my Pampers Wipes! Since the wipe is wet, the dust sticks to the cloth instead of flying in the air. I used to use a wet rag but, then I trashed the rag. Paper towels didn't hold up and just tear and fall apart. The fact that there are no harsh additives mean they are safe on my fan plans and don't leave in residue.

Wipe Down Toys:
I use the wipes to wipe down Mrs. K's toys. Especially, when she was smaller and teething. {I do use disinfectant spray as well,  occasionally, but after it dries I wipe them down with wipes to get the chemicals off.}

I admit it. I hate dusting! And, since we live on a dirt road, my house gets dusty often. I use the Pampers Sensitive Wipes to wipe down my furniture, figurines, and what-nots. They are safe on acrylics, and nearly every surface I have come across so far. I also use them on my micro-fiber furniture for the occasional spot clean up.

Cleaning the Interior of My Vehicles:
In addition to wiping down sticky fingers & faces, I use them to wipe down my console, dash and cup holders. We live on a dirty road so the inside gets dusty almost as quick as the outside.

For more awesome spring cleaning tips be sure to join us a the #PampersGentle Clean Twitter Party on Tuesday, April 8th, 2014 at 9pm EST. {More info below, including a list of awesome prizes!}

Giving the Gift of a Gentle Clean

Pampers provided me a $50 American Express Gift Card to allow me the opportunity to give a gentle clean to a special mom. I chose Mrs. Dawn! Not only is she a great friend and someone I look up to, but she is also a mom and she is Miss K's daycare provider.

Mrs. Dawn has an in home daycare and has kids ranging from just a few months old up to elementary age kids. Spills, marks, scuffs and fingerprints must be a constant struggle. Though her house is always immaculate, I'm sure it is a full time job keeping it clean throughout the day while also taking care of all the kids.

For my Gentle Clean Give-Back Mission I chose items items that would make cleaning the tough jobs a little easier and hopefully, a little quicker.

Pampers Gentle Clean #PampersWipes

Here's what I put together for Mrs. Dawns Gentle Clean Basket:

  • Pampers Sensitive Wipes {For cleaning faces, sticky fingers and quick messes.}
  • Mr. Clean Extra Power Magic Erasers  {This work wonders on crayon marks!} 
  • Clorox Disinfecting Wipes 
  • Mr. Clean Multi-Purpose Cleaner with Febreze Freshness
  • Febreze Sleep Serenity Bedding Refresher. {Don't forget to turn your mattresses!}
  • GOOF OFF Heavy Duty Wipes. {Great for removing stickers, tape, scuffs marker and more!}
  • New Dial Water Blossoms Deep Cleansing Moisturizing Hand Soap
  • Better Homes & Garden Fresh Ocean Flowers 18 oz jar candle. {Smells great!}
  • Clorox Toilet Wand with 6 Pads & Storage Caddy
  • Heavy Duty Square Laundry Basket {Great for going up the stairs and carrying toys.}
  • Yellow Kalanchoe {Beautiful yellow flowers to add a touch of spring inside!}
My Total: $49.25 - I gave her the card with the remaining balance and receipt in case she needed to change anything.  A special thanks to Pampers who made this gift possible! 

Pampers Logo

You can connect with Pampers on their Website,  Twitter & Facebook

#PampersWipes Gentle Clean Twitter Party

Whether you are a mom, dad or just looking to get in the groove with spring cleaning, you won't
want to miss the #PampersWipes Gentle Clean Twitter Party hosted by @DoubleDutyDivas and @Pampers!

Join me and several others to discuss ways to WIPE out the winter blues and make spring cleaning as gentle as possible this year. To sweeten things up a bit, there will be five awesome prize packs given out during the party!

#PampersWipes Gentle Clean Twitter Party Prizes
  • 1 Box of Pampers Sensitive Wipes (448 ct) + $50 Gift Card
  • 1 Box of Pampers Sensitive Wipes (448 ct) + $50 Car Cleaning Service Gift Card
  • 1 Box of Pampers Sensitive Wipes (448 ct) + $100 Merry Maids Gift Card
  • 1 Box of Pampers Sensitive Wipes (448 ct)
  • 1 Box of Pampers Sensitive Wipes (448 ct) + Roomba Pet and Allergy (ARV $450)
The Twitter Party will take place on Tuesday, April 8th at 9pm EST. 

Be sure to follow the hosts & co-hosts!  @DoubleDutyDivas, @BridgetteLA, @CeceliaMecca @AngieKcom @WhatMommiesNeed @RamblingChick, and of course, @Pampers.

Gentle Clean Giveaway

Pampers not only gave me an awesome Gentle Cleaning Basket, but they are also giving one to one of my lucky readers! You can enter via the Rafflecopter below!

Ends April 16th, 2014 at11:59pm

Gentle Cleaning Basket Includes:
Swiffer Wet Jet
Cleaning Caddy
Olay Hand Lotion
Casabella Premium Water Stop Gloves
Pamper's Sensitive Wipes
{ARV $50}

Rules: VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. Open to US Residents of legal age. Giveaway ends April 16th, 20124 at 11:59pm EST. Winner will be notified by email and have 48 hours to respond. If winner does not respond a new winner will be chosen. Winner will also be announced on and my social media profiles. So Simply Stephanie is not responsible for prizes shipment. Winners info will be given to Double Duty Divas to arrange for prize distribution. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other websites are not affiliated with, do not endorse, and are in no way responsible for this giveaway.

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  11. what a wonderful giveaway , love the product, but if I was to win I will be giving these items to my daughter, I am sure she could use the help right now ;) thanks @tisonlyme143

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