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Red Carpet Ready Collection Review | TotalBeauty

How many times have you watched an awards show and thought, "wow, she is beautiful!" Well, here's your chance to look like a gorgeous celebrity with TotalBeauty's Red Carpet Ready Collection

I was recently sent the Red Carpet Ready Collection for free to facilitate my review so that I could share my thoughts with you ladies. And, that is what I'm about to do!

For those of you who have never heard of, they are an online site that features a variety of beauty collection that offer some of the most expensive, high-end beauty products at a fraction of the cost. Plus, the element of surprise in not knowing what you will receive, only makes it that much more fun. You can choose from a variety of different collections to fit your style, beauty needs, and budget.

You get to chose your collection, which is usually a theme based set of products from a variety of brands. You won't know everything that will be in your collection, but they do give you a few sneak peaks. They also let you know the total value of the box so that you know how much you are saving and the value of the products you will receive. For instance, the Red Carpet Ready Collection included two sneak peaks; Sheswai Nail Lacquer and the Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm. The value of the box is $72.65, yet it only costs $25. {Using the promo code at the end of my review it's only $19, plus shipping is free!} 

Now that you know more about and what to expect, lets check out the goodies I received  in my  Red Carpet Ready Collection, shall we? 

My Red Carpet Ready Collection Review

First off, I was very impressed with the packaging. I know, kinda silly to be thrilled with the packaging but, I am a firm believer that it's all in the presentation! Once I opened the shipping box I felt a little like Anastasia Steele and my Mr. Grey had just delivered my wardrobe and accessories for the evening. {Wait, did I just admit to reading the FSOG series? Well, since I this is a family-friendly blog, I will just leave it at that.} But seriously, the box alone made me feel like I was getting ready for a spectacular evening. And, if I can find out what fragrance they used to spritz the box with, I am so buying it. *Ms. Gabby when you read this, please do tell us what it is! It smells A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!* 

While packaging is actually the least important aspect, aside from making sure it ships safely, I do think it's worth mentioning because to me, it says a lot about the company and shows that they took the time to not just throw it together but, to create a beautiful collection in general, and to make their customers feel more special. Plus, it makes a big difference when you are sending the product as a gift!

Now, that I have that I have gotten the *packaging and presentation thrills* out of the way, let's get on with the review and check out all the amazing beauty products I received.

Racinne Ultimate Aqua Blanc Brightening Mask

The first thing that grabbed my attention was envelope with three Racinne Ultimate Aqua Blanc Brightening Masks. These are part of the pristine Ultimate Aqua Blanc Series. This amazing brightening mask is made with snow lotus callus and seven other whitening ingredients paired with vitamin B3 to create an effective whitening formula that penetrates deep into the core of skin cells. This helps to revitalize and regenerate new skin cells, correct enlarged pores, balance out oily and dry skin, reduce dark spots and create overall beautiful, brightened, flawless skin. 
Value: $5

Sheswai Nail Lacquer

I also received a Sheswai Nail Lacquer in the Totally shade. The color is a dark pinkish mauve color, beautiful for nearly any occasion and season. I found the bottle to be Totally awesome, too! It has a long, unique, wooden top making it easier to hold and apply, and a beautiful whimsical image on the front. I only mention the image on the bottle because it would be beautiful displayed on my vanity. 

The nail lacquer itself provided great coverage that lasted for a couple weeks. I only needed to reapply because my nails had grown out, rather than the polish chipping off. I rarely find a polish that lasts this long! 

I like the fact that the Sheswai Nail Lacquer is free of formaldehyde, DBP, and toluene, so I'm not polishing myself with harmful chemicals, some of which is used by funeral parlors! {Let that sink your mind in for a minute! YUCK!} Plus, it's made in the great USA!
Value: $16

Pūr~lisse Pūr~delicate Cleanser & Makeup Remover

Next, in my TotalBeauty Red Carpet Ready Collection was the Pūr~lisse Pūr~delicate Gentle Soy Milk Cleanser & Makeup Remover.This is the perfect cleanser and makeup remover for all types of skins. Made with gentle soy milk, it's gentle enough for sensitive skin, yet, strong enough to effectively cleanse your skin and remove makeup, oils, and harsh elements from air pollution. Perfect for every-day use and all skin types.
Value: $12.65

Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm 

Here you go ladies! Here is a Red Carpet Must-Have... Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm!

I received a full size Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm in the Big Apple shade. Yes, the Big Apple red is a little out of my comfort zone because I have never used bright red before, but when I tried it on, I was impressed with not only the coverage but, the fact that I really couldn't feel it at all. It dried to a matte finish and lasted for several hours, even though I tried to wipe it off since it wasn't really *my* color. {The red wasn't me, but hey, I got to give it to Cailyn, the stuff lasts for a LONG time and you can't even feel it on. Thank goodness I didn't have to leave that house that day. Though, honestly, I have always wanted to try the 'dark red lips with smokey eyes' look, but I've always been too scared. Hmm, sounds like a need a fun makeover!}

The Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm not only comes with built-in brush for easy, precise application, but it has great, long lasting coverage and also moisturizes for soft, beautiful lips. It's unique formula uses "Stabilized 3D Film Former" to create a powerful long lasting color, meaning no more smudges, no more messy kisses, and no more reapplying multiple times throughout the day. Plus, it can be paired with the Cailyn Pearly Shimmer balm to create a glossy, shimmery pout for even more glam. 

Regardless of the shade you choose, the Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm is the perfect component for your makeup bag. Whether you are hitting the Red Carpet or just going out for the night, this is a must-have for long lasting lip coverage that is still soft, kissable and glamorous. 
Value: $19

Manna Kadar Sheer Glo Shimmer Lotion

Another one of the goodies in my Red Carpet Ready Collection by was the Manna Kadar Sheer Glo Shimmer Lotion. I received a deluxe sample which, is only 0.27 oz but, that will last a me a pretty long time. 

The Manna Kadar Sheer Glo Shimmer Lotion can be applied by itself or mixed with your foundation to create a radiant glow. The liquid is very thin so it only takes a small amount and you don't have to worry about putting on too much.

When I first put applied it to the back of my hand, I couldn't really see a difference at first because I was in a dim-lit room. When I went to a well-lit room I could see a bright, more defined skin tone and a very, very subtle shimmer. I liked the subtle shimmer a lot. Let's face it, I'm not in high school anymore and glitter is no longer acceptable when you start hitting the big three-zero. The very fine shimmer gives just enough shimmer to brighten up your skin and create a glamorous glow without looking overdone or like a shimmering disco ball. The fact that it's thin, makes it easy to work with and apply, to create the perfect coverage.  

My favorite thing about the Manna Kadar Sheer Glo Shimmer Lotion was how soft and smooth it made my skin feel. I applied it to the back of my hand when I first sampled it and was amazed at how soft and smooth it felt. The matte finish makes it powdery soft instead of an oily soft which, is a good thing for me, cause I can't stand anything that is heavy feeling. 
Value: $8

BONUS: Photo Brag Book
Once you finish putting your beautiful Red Carpet Look together, you will be ready to face the paparazzi  for dozens of photos to show off your beautiful new look! aWhat better way to capture and preserve those memories then with a Photo Brag Book from Yep, I also received a Free 20 Page 4x6 Brag Book voucher for!

Creating your own makeover with the TotalBeauty Red Carpet Ready Collectioncombined with doing a fun mini-photo shoot and creating your own brag book, is tons of fun. That alone makes it worth the few dollars spent on the collection. Not to mention, you now have five awesome beauty products for your beauty drawer!

Now, if all that isn't enough to make you want it, the price should be! is known for their awesome beauty collection boxes that introduce you to a variety of beauty products at a fraction of the cost it would be to purchase them individually. 

The TotalBeauty Red Carpet Ready Collection includes $72.65 worth of high-end beauty products for only $25. Plus, they have an awesome promo going on right now and when you use the PROMO CODE: WINNER you can get the entire collection for $19. Plus, shipping is free! 

Yes, $19.00 and free shipping. The Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm costs that much alone!

RedCarpet Ready

Oh, and for those of you wondering, is not a subscription box company. You don't have to worry about receiving boxes you don't want or didn't order. They also have several beauty products including makeup, skincare, and hair care, that can be purchased individually, if you don't find a current collection you are interested in. For more information and to browse their amazing collections of beauty products visit them at

What Do You Think of the TotalBeauty Red Carpet Ready Collection?

I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and reviews of the Red Carpet Ready Collection! Be sure to leave a comment below letting me know what you think about this awesome beauty collection! Would you buy one? Which product is your favorite?

DISCLOSURE: I received the Red Carpet Ready Collection from for free in exchange for an honest review. To insure integrity for my reviews and also to share the best products with you as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own, true feelings. I have not been compensated for, nor asked to provide a positive review. As a affiliate I have also included my affiliate links in this review, which means I may earn a small commission if you choose to purchase any products from their site after clicking on the links in this review. I am disclosing these facts in accordance with FTC guidelines. If you have any questions please let me know. 


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