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Sverve! Opportunities for Bloggers

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Are you a blogger looking for blogger opportunities? If so, then it's time to get your Sverve on!

Sverve is one of the first blogger networks I started with when I first started looking for sponsored blog opportunities. They are also the platform that helped me get my first sponsored blog post. {It was an easy post and paid well!}

If you are looking for sponsored blog opportunities such as sponsored posts, paid reviews, and sponsored pins, tweets and YouTube videos, then you will most-likely find you you are looking for at Sverve. But, be aware that Sverve is not just a blogger opp platform. They are also a mini-social media community among a variety of bloggers. Aside from finding opps, you can also share your posts, find a great variety of other great content that you can read and share, and much more.

What is Sverve?

Sverve is a blogger-to-brand platform that allows brands to post a variety of campaign opportunities to include sponsored posts and paid reviews. They also have paid campaigns for sharing Pinterest pins, tweets and YouTube videos. You will also find the occasional affiliate opportunity from a particular brand or website.

Sverve is also a mini-social media outlet for bloggers! You can network with a variety of other bloggers and share links to your own content or other useful content you find on Sverve and other websites. It's similar to pinning a post on Pinterest and then, other members can view, like and share the content with their friends. As your content gets liked and shared, you will see that your Sverve Score goes up! The higher your score the better opportunities you can participate in. It also means more page views for your own content since those who are liking and sharing are also reading and so are some their readers! 

How Much Does Sverve Pay?

Sverve campaigns vary depending on the type of campaign and what the sponsor is willing to pay. Sverve doesn't actually set the price, the sponsor does. For example, if a sponsor wants a review and is willing to pay $50, they simply start a campaign and all bloggers who are engaged {accepted} in the campaign will receive $50 when they review the item. They pay Sverve a flat-rate to have the campaign listed so there are no fees, commissions or other losses. You get the full $50! 

When Do You Get Paid?
When you publish your item and verify it, you will then see the money in your Sverve account. You will receive payment the following week as long as your balance is over $5! No waiting until the end of the month, 60 days or even 90 days. You get paid that same week.

How Much Do Sverve Campaigns Pay?
The amount depends on the campaign. I have seen some campaigns that offer $10 to review a free app, and then I have seen some campaigns that pay a $100 to review an $800 product! So total, you receive $900 in combined products and compensation! The majority of the campaigns are sponsored posts and usually pay $50-100 per post with 200+ words. The pay is very good if you ask me!

Are there Any Requirements to Join?
Sverve just requires that you be an active blogger! That means that you post regularly {at least 2-3 times a week} and that you are not just another fly-by-night spammy blogger. Blogs of all niches are accepted and blogs that are new or old can join! It's a great way to get your foot in the door and start working on sponsored posts to not only make money blogging, but also build your exposure, create more content, network with other bloggers, and build your up your references for your media kit and resumes to show that you have worked with so-and-so company on so-and-so campaigns. 

How to Join Sverve

Are you ready to make money with your blog? Ready to start networking with a variety of other bloggers and increase your page views? Well, what are you waiting for? Join Sverve today!

Questions About Sverve?

If you have any questions about Sverve, how to join, or tips to get your started--- please feel free to post it in the comments below and I will respond within a few hours! 

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Disclosure: This post does contain affiliate links. I will earn a small referral bonus if you sign up to be a Sverve blogger. :) 


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