Monday, May 26, 2014

Big Boss Kitchen Slice-A-Roo Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
Whether you are looking for grat kitchen accessories to making food prep fun & unique or, just looking for ways to make healthy cooking easier, the Slice-A-Roo from Big Boss Kitchen is sure to become one of your favorite kitchen tools! This handy gadget slices, shreds and curls your favorite fruits and vegetables with just a few cranks of the handle.

I was recently given the opportunity to review the Slice-A-Roo from Big Boss Kitchen, and needless to say, it is now one of my favorite kitchen gadgets.

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Whish Body Shave Crave & Shave Savour Review | #Sponsored #Whish

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Whish Body. I received a promotional item and Whish Body Samples to facilitate my review. 

Summer is here and that means shorts, skirts and swim suits! It also means more shaving and moisturizing to keep your legs soft, smooth and beautiful. With that said, I want to introduce you Whish Body Shave Crave and Whish Body Shave Savour;  two awesome shaving products that will keep your legs beautiful and silky through the summer!

It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to participate in the Whish Body campaign, that I realized my shaving cream actually contains unimaginable ingredients. 

{Really, what were some of these people thinking when they created shaving cream?} 

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

#FREE Limited Edition Julep Summer Brights Welcome Box New Maven Subscribers

Limited Edition Summer Brights Welcome Box
Summer is almost here and as Julep affiliate (this post contains affiliate links), I have some great news  and a HOT deal for fashion divas! Julep is currently offering A FREE Limited Edition Julep Summer Brights Welcome Box

New Maven subscribers can get this limited edition Summer Brights welcome box, a 5-piece set that includes 3 beautiful, bright nail colors, a lip gloss and the kajal eyeliner {valued at $80} - for free when they sign up for Julep Maven.

The Julep Maven subscription box is the perfect way to treat yourself to new nail color and beauty products each month. 

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ozeri Serafino Double Wall Insulated Drinking Glasses Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Nothing beats a glass of cold, iced sweet tea on a hot summer day while sitting out on the deck watching the sun set. Unfortunately, here in Florida, that also means that the ice will melt rather quickly, watering down my sweet tea, and also causes water rings left from the glass sweating. Luckily, the great folks over at Ozeri sent me a set of their Serafino Double Wall 16 oz Insulated Drinking Glasses to review.

First off, let me reiterate that Jeremy (my husband) rarely gets involved in any of my blog posts or reviews unless it's something that he absolutely loves... And well, this is one of those products he absolutely loved! He was recently introduced to Turvis tumblers after I bought myself one and now he has two of his own. When I explained that the concept of the Ozeri Serafino Double Wall Insulated Drinking Glasses was the same as the Turvis tumblers and were meant to keep cold beverages colder and warm beverages warmer for an extended period of time, he insisted on trying them out as well! {Go figure, right? Kinda reminds me of the down pillow review that I shared recently!}

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day Giveaway! Silver KitchenAid Classic Plus 4.5 Qt Stand Mixer #Giveaway! | Ends 5/23/14

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Come and join us in this great giveaway

You can be the lucky winner for a

Silver KitchenAid KSM75SL 4.5 Qt. Classic Plus Stand Mixer

Giveaway Ends May 23 11:59pm  EST.
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Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
With all the buzz about the great benefits of drinking green tea, more and more consumers are starting to understand the importance of adding it to their daily meal plans. Unfortunately, for some, simply drinking green tea- hot or cold, just doesn't cut it. Some users don't care for the taste while others don't have the time. The good news is that there are dozens of ways you can consume the recommended about of green tea without actually drinking it. The Kiss Me Organics Match Green Tea Powder is one of those ways and has hundreds of uses.

I was recently given the opportunity to try the Organic Match Green Tea Powder and I must say, it only requires adding a tiny amount to your favorite recipes. It suggests one to one and half teaspoons per day. That's great for anyone who doesn't like the taste of green tea but would still like to benefit from it's many uses. {If you haven't already, be sure to check out my recent post 11 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Green Tea. It will help you understand why so many people are coming up with new ways to incorporate green tea into their diets.}

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"What Does Mom Mean to You" Pinterest Sweepstakes &'s Mother's Day Gift Guide | #Sponsored

Displaying RDC-Logo.png
I received a gift card for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

Mother's Day is less than a week a way! Have you decided what you'll be getting your mother? Are you a mom anxious to see what kind of glitter-painted hand print, macaroni art or tissue paper flower you will receive? Regardless of the gifts being given or received, that majority of all moms will be treated to a meal outside of her own kitchen. 

Did you know, according to the National Research Association, that over 25% of Americans will treat Mom to a nice brunch, lunch or dinner at her favorite restaurant? That's over 80 million meals being served at restaurants on Mother's Day alone! 

Deciding to take Mom out is a pretty simple decision. Deciding where to take her and, the perfect gift for Mother's Day, is a little harder. Luckily, has created a Mother's Day Gift Guide to help inspire you. In addition, they are also giving 5 lucky winners the chance to win a $500 Mom's Night Out Package with the "What Does Mom Mean to You Pinterest Sweepstakes"! Mother's Day Gift Guide is the nation's largest dining deals site and is a trsusted source for diners find the best restaurants and deals currently available. They have a variety of handpicked dining and gift ideas that are sure to make Mom feel special and, make your task of gift giving decisions easier.

Whether you are out of ideas, out of time, or just want the perfect gift ideas for Mother's Day, you can opt for one of the gift & dinner idesa on the gift guide or let them be inspire your own duo for the perfect Mother's Day.  Create the ultimate dining experience and Mother's Day treat by simply pairing any Gift Card with one of the ideas below or, other idea that you know your mother would love.

Mother's Day Ideas

1. The Blooming Role Model: "Mom always taught us the beauty is all around us, and she is our favorite example." 

~ Vibrant blooms are the perfect way to say "Happy Mother's Day" to your very special mom. Surprise Mom with a whimsical bouquet of flowers and a Gift Card.

2. The Spa Lover: "For the one who always pampers others, now is the time for Mom to pamper herself!" 

~Help Mom discover the serenity and relaxation she needs with a spa treatment, followed by lunch at a tasty new restaurant using her Gift Card.

3. The Wine Enthusiast: "For the mom who deserves her own time out!"

~ Pair her favorite bottle of wine with a Gift Card! Treat Mom to  the ultimate Mom's Night Out!

Of course, these are just a few of the many ideas that you could include with your Gift Card. Make sure you check out Specials by for more Mother's Day gift ideas or to create your own amazing gift idea for Mom! 

"What Does Mom Mean to You" Pinterest Sweepstakes

From now until May 11th, you can enter to win one of five $500 Mom's Night Out Package from with their "What Does Mom Mean to You" Pinterest Sweepstakes. You can find out more about this awesome giveaway and enter to win HERE!

About is an awesome site that helps you find the best deals. What's better than going out and enjoying an awesome meal {besides not having to cook and then clean the kitchen afterwards}? Going out for a great meal that was not only delicious but was also a great deal! has been finding their customers the best deals for their meals since 1999 when they first began. They offer incredible deals at thousands of restaurants across the nation with nearly 50,000 gift certificate options. {My goodness, I didn't know there could be so many options!} Since their conception they have saved their customers over $1 Billion Dollars in dining out expenses. 

You simply find the deals on their site, then present the certificate {the deal} to your server and the savings are deducted from your bill. To make it even easier, you have the option of printing the certificates or simply pulling it up on your mobile device with their handy app and showing it to the server. So easy!!! {Now if only washing the dishes were as simple as handing a certificate to the husband and/or kiddo's!} will be running Specials by Dinner & A Movie starting Wednesday, May 7 – – You’ll have to hurry though as this show stopping deal is only available for a limited amount of time!

Be sure to download their app on your mobile device to check out their awesome deals!
Download the app at:   iPhone  |  iPad  |  Android

RESTAURANT.COM IS SOCIAL:  Twitter |  Facebook  |   Google+  |  The Dish

Learn more about
Find dining deals near you
Make money with

Disclosure: I received a gift card for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.
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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Aflac #Duckprints Fundraiser for Childhood Cancer Awareness & $50 Gift Card #Giveaway | Ends 5/11/14

Aflac DuckPrints Giveaway
This giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Aflac. 
I was compensated to participate in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Many people are familiar with Aflac and their supplemental medical coverage and their cute and oh-so-funny commercials featuring the Aflac duck. {My favorite being the Call the Doctor, Boy commercial!} But, what many people are not aware of, including myself until just recently, is that Aflac offers more to the community than just supplemental coverage. They are also the heart of the Aflac Cancer Center and Blood Disorders Center of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

Aflac has teamed up with to offer you a chance to win a $50 Gift Card just in time for Mother's Day and to help spread childhood cancer awareness! 

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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Black Spot on Roses: How to Treat, Prevent & Get Rid of Black Spot

If you have ever grown a rose bush, then chances are that you have had to deal Black Spot at least once before finding the best way to treat it. {Unless you grow Knock-Out Roses which are highly resistant but, don’t have as many colors, varieties or big blooms like standard roses.} It’s fact of life rose gardening... We all get it eventually and, we all end up looking for ways to get rid of Black Spot before it takes over and leaves our roses looking pitiful. The good news is, there are several ways to get rid of Black Spot and you will find them here!

Nearly any rosarian will tell you that the fungus is easy to catch, easy to spread and hard to get rid of. Black Spot is easily identified by yellowing of the leaves and small, black dots on the leaves, stems and canes. Believe it or not, it’s very common especially, in warm, humid or rainy climates and can be spread with water, wind and direct contact. Here in Florida, it’s can be a nightmare in a matter of just a few rainy days.

Below you will find out how to prevent and several ways to treat and get rid of Black Spot before it takes over. If you have any questions or know of any other ways to treat and prevent Black Spot, be sure to post a comment and let me know and I will gladly add it to the list to share it with everyone else looking for ways get rid of it.{Of course, I will give you credit for the idea, too!}

black spot on leaves
Credit: Michelle Grabowski via UM Extension

How to Prevent Black Spot on Roses

The first step in treating Black Spot on roses is to prevent it. Even though your roses may already be infected, you should still make every effort to prevent further spreading of the fungus because if you don’t, it will get out of control very fast! 

  • Always water roses from the base of the plant to avoid splashing
  • Treat immediately, at the first signs of Black Spot to avoid it from spreading
  • Always clean gardening tools after each use, before moving on to the next rose
  • Always treat the soil, not just the plant
  • Keep the lower portions of the bush pruned so that the leaves are not touching the soil
  • Always bag up any debris, seal it up and toss it in the trash

Remove the Infected Foliage Before Treating 

To treat Black Spot on roses, start by removing any and all leaves, stems and canes that show even the tiniest sign of Black Spot. Even if there is only a couple of spot, go ahead and remove it or else it will continue to spread. Depending on how severe the infection is, it may mean removing several leaves and stems, making your plant smaller. Unfortunately, it has to be done. Besides, a small rose bush looks better than a big one that is sick!

Always, and I mean always, remove the infected debris from the flower bed. I always put mine in trash bag and toss it out. Leaving even a tiny leaf behind that has already been infected means it will come right back. Never put it you compost pile or out in the yard as it will continue to spread the fungus throughout your yard and garden, making it much harder to treat and prevent.

Methods For Treating Black Spot

There are several ways to get rid of Black Spot. Among the most common are ready-to-use fungicides specifically for treating Black Spot. Most of these products work very well and cost around $5-15. The ready-to-use fungicides usually require an application every 5-7 days until the Black Spot is gone, and then every 1-2 2 weeks to prevent future reoccurrence.

Here are some of the best rose fungicides used to treat Black Spot:

Organic & Homemade Black Spot Treatments

In addition to buying the Black Spot treatment solutions above, you can also try a few of these DIY homemade Black Spot treatments. They all work and cost less than the store bought, but you do have to be careful and be sure not to overuse them or else the vinegar and the baking soda can both change the pH in the soil, which will affect the rose.  I have personally used them all and have found them to be quite beneficial in getting rid of Black Spot.

Vinegar and Water Black Spot Solution

apple cider vinegar and water for black spot
One of the easiest ways to treat and get rid of Black Spot is with a simple solution made of vinegar and water. Add 3 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar to a gallon of water and mix well. Pour the vinegar solution into a spray bottle and spray your roses heavily. *Again, the entire rose until it is dripping, spray the base, the soil and surrounding roses.* .

Be sure to spray the tops and bottoms of the leaves, stems and canes. Spray in the early morning once a week until the Black Spot is eliminated then spray every 2 weeks to prevent a future breakout of Black Spot. For even more protection and quicker results, you can beef it up a little by adding one tablespoon of Molasses to the solution to help the vinegar to stick to the leaves. It is not necessary but does help since it insures the solution stays on the infected foliage longer, before it finally drips or dries.

Dish Soap Solution for Black Spot

dawn antibacterial dish soap for rosesAnother homemade Black Spot treatment is dish soap. Behold, the power of the trusty ol’ dish soap! Any antibacterial dish soap will work fine. I use Ajax or Dawn antibacterial dish soap because those are the two I usually use in the kitchen and those two have always worked fine.

Simply combine ½ cup antibacterial dish soap in a 2 liter bottle, mix well and use a spray bottle to apply to the rose bush. I usually just take the sprayer off of an old Windex bottle, rinse it well, and connect it to the top of the 2 liter bottle. Label it and leave it in the green house (great way to recycle) or under the kitchen sink. Apply every 5-7 days until Black Spot is eliminated and then, once every 2 weeks to prevent future breakouts.

Baking Soda Black Spot Treatment Solution

You can also use baking soda to treat Black Spot on roses and prevent future breakouts. Simply combine, 4 tablespoons of baking soda, one tablespoon of Molasses and one gallon of water. Mix well and spray thoroughly on roses that have been infected with Black Spot. Reapply once a week until cured. Then apply every few weeks to prevent future reoccurrences.

As you can see, getting rid of Black Spot isn't too hard. It just takes the right solutions and a little patience.  Using any of the above solutions will work if applied thoroughly and as often as once a week while treating/getting rid of,  and every 2 weeks to prevent future breakouts.

Don’t forget, you should always spray the entire bush, including under the leaves, and also the base, ground and any other roses you have in your yard, even the ones that are not showing signs of Black Spot. This will help to insure that the fungus has been cured fully instead of curing one plant just to find out that another rose had it and now you are fighting the same battle all over again.

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If you have any questions, suggestions or tips about treating Black Spot, growing roses or gardening in general, please post it in a comment below and I, or one of my other readers, will be happy to help out. If you have ever used any of the solutions above, let us know what worked best for you.

FTC Disclosure: participates in the Amazon Associates Program and the Amazon products listed above do contain my affiliate links. Amazon provides this opportunity to bloggers to help us earn a small commission from products sold through our sites to help cover the expenses associated with blogging. 
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