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Big Boss Kitchen Slice-A-Roo Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
Whether you are looking for grat kitchen accessories to making food prep fun & unique or, just looking for ways to make healthy cooking easier, the Slice-A-Roo from Big Boss Kitchen is sure to become one of your favorite kitchen tools! This handy gadget slices, shreds and curls your favorite fruits and vegetables with just a few cranks of the handle.

I was recently given the opportunity to review the Slice-A-Roo from Big Boss Kitchen, and needless to say, it is now one of my favorite kitchen gadgets.

The Slice-A-Roo is a hand-cranked counter-top rotary slicer that not only slices but, also curls and shreds all of your favorite fruits and veggies. This counter-top slicer is perfect for making beautiful salads, healthy finger food snacks, garnishes and food prep in general. It features 3 interchangeable blades that are incredibly easy to change with a simple snap.

In the few weeks that I have owned my new Slice-A-Roo, I have tried it on a few different vegetables and so far I have really enjoyed it. While most of you who read my blog often already know that I don't eat many veggies, I still love cooking them and I am a strong believer that presentation makes a big difference in the overall satisfaction of a meal. I enjoy cooking them for Jeremy, who will usually eat anything that doesn't eat him first {... with the exception of asparagus. I cannot, for the life of me, get him to eat asparagus}.

I like the idea that the Slice-A-Roo is not only easy to use and easy to clean, but is also easy to store. All three blade store securely on the gadget with one in the slicing position and a two below the slicer that easily pull in and out of place for easy access and storage.

I also want to mention that you will want to be sure to read the directions. While the gadget is very simple to use, I myself, almost missed out on several ideas/features that now makes this one of my favorite gadgets! *Duh, read the direction, Stephanie!* 

But seriously, it's so simple you really don't need them. By not reading them, I missed out on the fact that I can choose the length that I want my slices to be. What I mean by that is if you simply put a potato on there and start slicing, you are going to have some awesome curly fries or some awesome spiral chips. I was fine with this. When I first started testing it out I had bowls and bowls- yes, literally five bowls {what can I say? It's kind of fun} of spiral cut potatoes. I would then take a hand full and make a few chops and tah-dah! I had hash browns! Woot Woot...

...But, what I failed to realize *here's the part where I should have read the directions FIRST* is that if you make a single slice lengthwise with a sharp knife, it will then cut each slice/turn into individual pieces. For my hashbrowns, I made three long slices lengthwise on my potatoes and then when I put it on the Slice-A-Roo and started spinning, I had then had shreds that were approximately an inch long. *Perfect!* If you have never had fresh-never-frozen hashbrowns, then you are missing out!

Here are a few examples of what the Slice-A-Roo can do just using a potato or an onion...

Thin Shred Blade
The then shred blade works for thin shreds and slices similar to the size of shredded cheddar. I spiraled this potato for the soul purpose of getting the image, but I have also used this blade and created a-w-e-s-o-m-e hashbrowns by making two or three slices with a knife and then slicing with the Slice-A-Roo! This particular blade is my favorite because it makes beautiful garnishes. I personally plan on using the thin blade for thin shreds and spirals for things like garnishes, sauteed veggies and other thinly-sliced veggies. Picture carrots, cucumbers or bell peppers thinly spiraled an placed on top of a bed of greens for a healthy salad. 

Thick/Average Shred Blade
This blade is perfect for nearly any type of veggie that you would typically shred, slice or chop. For this particular use, I used it to slice an onion. I made a single slice with a knife so that the slices would turn out similar to a rings that you would use for sandwiches and burgers. I had tried it the other night when I first received my Slice-A-Roo and it worked perfect for curly fries. Unfortunately, I didn't have good lighting so photos weren't an option. I will be adding new photos as I come up with new uses for my Slice-A-Roo! :)  

Thin Slice Blade
As you can see from the onion, this blade works great for creating thin, even slices.  I ended up sauteing the thin sliced onions in a dash of olive oil to put with steaks, and froze the average size for a later use. {Yes, I froze them- check out my tutorial for How to Freeze Onions!}

While I had my Slice-A-Roo out I went ahead and sliced up a 3 lb bag of of onions and popped them in the freezer. Now, I can pull them out as needed. I also floured a few and dropped them in hot grease and treated Jeremy to some onion straws, similar to French onions and he loved them. {I bet they would be great on a burger!}

A few other ways I plan on using my Slice-A-Roo

Homemade coleslaw
Fancy toppings on salads & other dishes that use raw veggies or fruits
Sauted Veggies 
Shredded or sliced veggies: cucumbers, potatoes, onions, radishes, carrots, peppers, squash, zucchini & other firm veggies

In the next  couple of months I will be making several bottles of pepper sauce and I want to try a few using my Slice-A-Roo and slicing in them in then spiral cuts. I think the reds, greens, yellows and orange hues mingled together in a thin, spiral shape will create a beautiful bottle of pepper sauce. Not sure if it will over power the vinegar but it will still make for great decor. If any of you have any input on trying this I would love to know!

There are so many other possibilities that it's nearly impossible to list them all. Since we all have a different recipes and styles of cooking, I'm sure there are several other possibilities I haven't thought of, yet. What would you use the Slice-A-Roo for?

Where to Buy the Slice-A-Roo

You can purchase the Slice-A-Roo, along with other Big Boss Kitchen products on You can also browse their site at which, will also link to for quick and easy ordering.

The Slice-A-Roo is available in white, dark red and lime green.

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  1. I love this. I think this is something that my family would use quite often. I would choose the white one.

  2. I like the red color. I think this would be so much fun. I do a lot of canning and it could be fun to can cute shapes of veggies. :)

  3. I know my fiancee would love this for onions too fries yum . White or red color

  4. I like that you can make hashbrowns and slice onions with it. I like the handle feature.I would want green.

  5. This looks like a great kitchen tool. I appreciate the review. I would pick red, I think, or white.

  6. i love to make stir fry - this would work great for it - I would like a red color.

  7. I especially love the spiralizer option this kitchen gadget offers. My favorite color is green. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I would love Red color and would definitely use it to slice onion and make curly fries.

  9. It looks awesome. red, black or white


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