Wednesday, September 24, 2014

YOUR INVITED: Mary Kay Facebook Party! Lots of Prizes! Saturday, September 27th!


I'm reaching out to all my blog readers, bloggy-friends and anyone else wanting to get the latest news on what Mary Kay has to offer along with GREAT PRIZES and lots of FUN! ... 
I'm hosting an ONLINE Mary Kay Fall Debut Party on Saturday, September 27th, 2014 at 6pm CST and YOU are INVITED!

 If you haven't already, be sure to like my Mary Kay Facebook Page to get the latest updates, special offers and more! LIKE it HERE!

You're Invited!

What: Mary Kay Fall Debut Facebook Party
When: Saturday, September 27th, 2014
Time: 6pm CST
Where: Facebook! :) 
RSVP: Please let me know ASAP if you would like to participate so that I can send you an invite to the event on Facebook. This is set up as a private event. {RSVP info below!}
Lots of prizes! The more participants, the more prizes! Once you have RSVP'd I will send you an invite via Facebook and then you can invite your own girlfriends to join in. Whoever has the most invites show up for the party wins a special prize! :) 

What is a Facebook Party?

For those of you who have never done a Facebook Party, it's similar to a Twitter party. Those of you who have never done either, then you will be in for a fun virtual treat! We will all meet up on the Facebook EVENT that I have created and will have fun playing games, talking about beauty and giving away prizes. There will be lots of fun and I would love to have you! 

If you aren't familiar with Mary Kay products, you learn more about our awesome skin care and beauty line by visiting my Mary Kay Website

How to RSVP

 If you would like to participate you can either message me on Facebook and request an invite to the private event {You can find find and friend me on FB HERE.}, send me an email at letting me know you want to attend or leave your FB profile link below and I will friend and invite you! :) Whatever is easier for you! 

Can't Make It?

While we will miss you tremendously, you can still order online via my website at or email your orders to
Want to have fun and get your products for free? No problem! We can do an online party for your too, to share with all your friends! Simply pick a date, invite your friends and I will do the rest! Lots of fun and prizes to be shared! Email me or live your info in a comment below and I will work with you to create an awesome Facebook party! 


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! I am available at anytime via email! 

Stephanie Manning
Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant
Call or Text: 850-419-9325
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Friday, September 19, 2014

Top Books Like Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Books like beautiful disaster jamie mcguire
For all the Beautiful Disaster fans like me, who fell in love with Travis, I have great news! If you are looking for more books like Beautiful Disaster then you have come to the right place!!!

While Jamie McGuire quickly became a bestselling author with her Beautiful Series, and with good reason, I am happy to share that there are dozens of other books out there that are just as good a Beautiful Disaster. Here you will find the top books like Beautiful Disaster, including the sequel, Walking Disaster, just in case anyone missed it! How, one could miss it- I don’t know but hey, you never know.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub Wet/Dry Vacuum Review

*This post was not sponsored nor, was I ask to write it. I am in no way affiliated with Hoover. All thoughts and ideas are my own. This post does contain affiliate links.*
Floors are one of my pet peeves! I can stand the house being a little cluttered, toys being out of place and the dishes in the sink for a small amount of time, but I can't stand dirty floors. Whether it's carpet or hard surface floors, I can't stand sandy, sticky, dirty looking floors!!! While the my vacuum and Bissell Pro Heat Pet Carpet Cleaner both do a fabulous job of keeping the carpets clean, I have my reservation about a mop and broom on the hard surfaces. Of course, for everyday use it's fine. For keeping my hard surface floors clean, and I mean really clean, I use my Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub Wet/Dry Vacuum. It's the perfect 3-in-1 cleaner for hard surfaces like laminate, hardwood, linoleum and similar surfaces!

Why I bought a Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub Wet/Dry Vacuum...

During my entire pregnancy I had debated what type of cleaning machine I would get for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom floors because I knew that it wouldn't be long before Miss K would be crawling around exploring things on her own. Aside from normal foot traffic, we also have two large dogs and between everyday living and the dogs, the potential for germs, dirt and grime outweighed my comfort when it came to being a new mom and knowing that my baby girl would be crawling on the floors. 

When I purchased my Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub vac it was around the same time that the Shark Steam Mop was coming out. I had considered that option as well, but considering that it was similar to a mop, I didn't bother. So what's the big deal about having a mop? Nothing- I have one myself that I use. However, I wanted something that wouldn't just push the dirt around. Instead, I wanted something that would spray water and solution, *scrub* the floors, then picks the dirty water up and also rinse the remaining residue and dirt of the floors. Sorry, but you just don't get that with a mop. You do however get it with the Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub! That's why I love it and that's why I am sharing my review! 
What's so great about the Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub Wet/Dry Vacuum?
Counter-rotate brushes cleans even the dirtiest messes! 

  • This machine has several scrubbing brushes that counter-rotate to clean even sticky, stubborn messes!
  • No bags! It has a tank that holds the clean water and cleaning solution and a separate canister that holds the dirty and dirty water.
  • The handle folds down for easy storage in tight spaces.
  • It has a vacuum, wash and dry setting. (Though I have never used my dry setting as it does a great job of picking up the water on the initial cleaning.)
  • Easy to use and light weight.
  • It cleans the surface by putting down water and cleaning solution, scrubbing and sucking up the dirty water while also rinsing. No pushing around dirty water or pads!
  • No messy pads, buckets or wet mops to store away.

Overall Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub Review

Several things in comparison to a basic mop or cleaning machine that uses a pad!
Great! It runs about $125-150 depending on where you purchase it from. I got mine from Walmart but I have found them much cheaper on Amazon from the Hoover dealer.
Awesome! It vacuums all hard floor surfaces including hardwood, tile, linoleum and marble. It has 4 settings; vacuum, cleaning, rinse and dry.
Super easy! The Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub Wet/Dry Vacuum is the size of an average vacuum so, it does not take up a lot of space. In addition, the handle also folds down to make it shorter and easier to store. 
hoover floor mate
The Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub has a handle that folds down for easy storage if needed. 
Cleaning Results:
Excellent! It even has a spray trigger to apply extra solutions to hard, stuck-on, sticky, greasy, grimy stains!!! Great scrubbing action combined great pickup/drying action.
Cleaning Solution Price:
Not bad at all. I use both the Hoover brand and the Walmart brand hard surface floor cleaner and both do great. I love the smell of the Hoover cleaner, though! 
Overall Rating:
5 Stars!!! If you are looking for the best hardwood floor cleaner then I recommend the Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub Wet/Dry Vacuum!

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Where Oh, Where Have I Been?

Hey guys, I wanted to take a moment to let you all know that I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. I have been extremely busy lately and have been running back and forth to the doctors, trying to keep up with summer chores and the list goes on. Not to mention, when I do have a few free moments to settle down and work on my blog, I usually get on my laptop. Well, Miss K dropped it (my brand new one) and the hard drive isn’t working. I’m waiting on it to be repaired and well, the desktop is great, but it’s not the ideal machine for sitting on the couch in the family room, if you know what I mean.

I even took a week off of work last month with the hope of redesigning my blog and sharing some great content with guys but, even then, I couldn't manage to get out a single blog post, much less redesign my blog.

Time is also a challenge for my family and blogging schedules. I was working four 10-hours shifts, in conjunction with an hour drive to and from work, putting me home at 6:15pm. Now, add in cooking and dinner with the family, cleaning the kitchen (it’s now 8pm), showers and getting ready for the next day to begin at 5am (now 9pm), squeezing in a load of laundry, hopefully reading Miss K a bedtime story if she doesn’t conk out before I get to her and then if I am lucky… 5 minutes to myself. That rarely happens. Rap it all up by 10pm to get in bed and there was no play time with Miss K, no sitting on the couch watching a movie with the hubby, no time to vacuum floors and no time for hashing out a great blog post that I know you guys would love…

So, what can I do to correct it? Well, my boss has let me go from working four 10-hour shifts to five 8-hour shifts. Hmm, this could be a good thing. It will put me home at 4:15pm instead of 6:15. It also means 2 extra hours a day to spend time with Miss K and Jeremy, plus, hopefully work on my blog. It also means I will have time to spend on keeping the house clean as needed instead of cramming all my house chores in the weekend. So, here’s to 8-hour shifts. I haven’t worked 5 days a week (in corporate America of course) since I first started 911 dispatching back in 2004. I am excited about being with the family more each night and my weekends being free to spend time with the family and also work on my blog in the evenings after Miss K is tucked in and fast asleep.

I have several awesome recipes, product reviews and several giveaways coming up and an adorable bow holder I came up with using a canvas (as in a canvas you would paint on)while sitting inside on a rainy day with Miss K! Oh, and don’t let me forget the recipe for those awesome Cinnamon Pickles that everyone has raved about. Put it this way… I made nearly a dozen pints, and within 3 days, they were all gone! Time to make more!

Thanks for hanging in there with me and I am sorry I have been sparse over the last few weeks. Hopefully, that will all change for the better now! J
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