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My 2015 Blogging Goals & New Year's Resolutions!

2015 blogging goals and resolutions
It’s that time again, the beginning of a new year and time to start working on our New Year’s Resolutions for 2015. 

Last year I published my 2014 New Years Resolutions and well, ehhh, I did okay.  I also shared my 2014 blogging goals and I did okay with those, too. I met most of them but struggled with a few. Some of that is partly due to not having as much time to dedicate to blogging as I had hoped and some of it due to having to take a break from blogging due to medical issues and a few other issues

With that said, it’s a new year and time to start again! No time to look back on what I didn’t achieve. Instead, I’m looking forward on what I will achieve this year! So, here are some of my 2015 Blogging Goals & Resolutions....

Increase Fans & Followers

What is a successful blog without an audience? Last year my social media goal was to get to 10K fans/followers/subscribers/etc. Well, that is one goal that I DID achieve! Woot Woot!

Unfortunately, had I not taken a very long break from blogging at the end of the year, okay so nearly the last half of the year, I could have probably doubled that amount. My total came in at just over 10K counting my blog subscribers which is awesome considering I had just started my blog and only had 125 fans/followers when I made that goal. This year,  my goal is a total of 20,000 total!

To reach my goal, my resolution will consist of increasing my social media presence with more posts on my pages and by participating in more blogger events!

Reach 225,000 Pageviews for the Year!

Yep, 225,000! I know, for some of you that is a laugh as you probably exceed that in a month. But, for just a small town girl raising a family, working a full-time job, and trying to squeeze blogging into my daily life, making sure I publish enough quality content to reach that number – is hard work! Last year my goal was 100,000 and I reached it within 6 months. So, to raise the stakes for this year, I am aiming for 225,000 pageviews!

My Action Plan will consist of reaching all the other goals I have listed here. By doing so, I should achieve these figures and hopefully much more!

Posting 3 Times a Week!

Okay, so last year I set my goal for 5 posts a week and it was an epic fail. Mainly for two reasons- one, holy-cow, my hat is off to those of you who work full-time outside the house, take care of a family and still post daily. I know that most of my fellow bloggers are lucky enough to be stay-at-home-moms and wives (which is still hard work and time consuming) and that allows for them more time to blog. However, there are some bloggers out there who work and take care of a family and still manage to publish a successful blog that is updated daily… some two or three blogs. Whew, I just don’t have it in my at the moment.

With that said, I am going to aim for 3 times a week.  (Deep down inside, I am still aiming for 5 but, to be realistic for what I know that I can handle with my busy schedule, I’m going to go for 3! Anything over that is a bonus! )

Be More Active in Social Media

We all know how important it is to share our posts on our social media pages but, often we forget how important it is to interact on social media with others. Not only other bloggers but also, our fans and followers. I can honestly say that I spend about 40% of my 'blogging time' working on social media right now but, it's primarily associated with networking. I want to be more active while actually spending less time on my social media outlets which means I will have to work more efficiently... and trying not to get lost in the all the great things I come across and keep with my original destination and plan for the moment! 

Blogging Schedule

Another one of my blogging goals for 2015 and, one of the most important ones, is to create a blogging schedule  or editorial calender I guess you could say. I started doing this last year using the Tools4Wisdom Blogging Planner I received as part of a review opp and it worked GREAT! I was able to keep up with my posts, ideas, events, and anything else I needed. It worked great for making sure I didn't commit to too many memes and helped me to visually compare my ratio of general content versus sponsored and memes. So, I will be ordering me a new Tools4Wisdom Blogging Planner for 2015 and will be filling it up starting next week! 

So, here's to a Happy & Propsperious New Year! I hope you all have the best year ever in 2015! Do any of yours look similar to mine? I would love for your to comment below and share your goals and resolutions for 2015!

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  1. Great goals! I'm wishing you all the best.
    I have a few of the same goals myself. I'm trying to become more organized and keep up with posting 3 times a week.


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