Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Champions For Kids Launches Snacks for Students to Support Youth in the Local Community

Champions for Kids' #SnacksforStudents Campaign has sponsored this post.

I am so honored to be participating in the Champions for Kids' Snacks For Students Campaign to help support our local youth and provide them with nourishment they need to thrive! I have chosen to work with a local non-profit organization, The Matrix, to help provide snack and breakfast items to children in our area. I hope that you will join me in supporting local children in your area by donating to the Snacks for Students bins found at the front of your local Walmart store. {More details below.}

A special thanks to all the partners who have teamed up to support this great cause including Champions for Kids,Walmart, General Mills, Kellogg's,  Emerald, and Kettle Chips! It's great companies like these who help our communities to grow! 

About Champions for Kids

Champions for Kids is an organization that has helped more than 5.4 million children across all 50 states since 2004. Their contributions have been made possible by in-store donation campaigns, service projects and community events. They make it simple to give kids in your community the resources they need to thrive.

In 2013, Champions for Kids created SIMPLE Giving. The program began in 24 central Arkansas Walmart stores and expanded across 11 states and multiple Walmart stores in 2014. The Snacks for Students program is the first of several campaigns to launch nationally in hopes of providing resources for more than 10 million kids in 2015! You can help us reach that goal by donating to the Snacks for Students Campaign at your local Walmart store! Just look for the purple donation bins at the front of the store! 

Snacks for Students Program

Purple donation bins at Walmart for Champions for Kids
Champions for Kids, General Mills, Kellogg's, Emerald and Kettle Chips have come together to make it simple for communities to provide basic resources for students through in-store donations at your local Walmart. The Snacks for Students Program is part of SIMPLE Giving, a program created by Champions for Kids that makes it easy for shoppers to purchase snacks at their local Walmart store and donate the items to children in need in their local community. 

Starting February 18th, 2015 and going until March 2nd, 2015, more than 3,600 participating Walmart stores will be participating in the Snacks for Students campaign. Customers can purchase snacks and breakfast items for children and place them in the designated donation bins at their local Walmart. 

All donations made to the Snacks for Kids Campaign will be donated to a specific non-profit organization that supports children in that community. Each organization was chosen by a  local blogger who volunteered to participate in this campaign and was paired up with their local Walmart. I have teamed up my blog, So Simply Stephanie, with our local Walmart in DeFuniak Springs, Florida, to help support The Matrix Outreach organization. The Matrix helps support citizens of all ages, especially homeless children. In order to help support our local organization, each of us bloggers were provided a $100 Walmart gift card as a micro-grant to use to purchase snacks and breakfast foods to add to the donation bins to help kick-start the campaign! I can't wait to see how well it goes!

An Additional $45,000 Will Be Awarded!

In addition to the food items donated by local citizens, Champions for Kids, General Mills, Kellogg's, Emerald and Kettle Chips will be awarding a total of $45,000! Awards will be provided to 13 of the participating school districts and youth-based organizations based on the total number of items collected in each store. So, by donating the items you are not only giving the few items you purchased but, also increasing your local organization's chance of being one of the 13 groups to receive an additional award! 

How to Support Your Local Organization

If you would like to join me in helping support local children in your community simply visit your local participating Walmart and purchase snack and breakfast food items. After you checkout, look for the purple bins located near the front of your store. If you aren't sure where they are located ask the cashier and they will point you into the right direction! You can find out if your local Walmart is participating in the Snacks for Students campaign by checking to see if they are on this list of the 3,600 participating Walmart stores.

The Snacks for Students donation bins will look similar to these. 

Whether it's one box or one hundred boxes, every little bit adds up! Imagine how quickly the donations would add up if every customer that walked into your local Walmart over the next few days took $2 to purchase a single box of snacks to add to the bin...  We would end up needing semis to deliver all those snacks! But hey, that's okay, too! We would find a way to get them delivered!

Again, a special thanks to all the companies who joined together to make this campaign possible! 

Will you be supporting your local Snacks for Students organization? 
If so, I would love to know! Please leave a comment below letting me know you participated (or why you chose not to) or, if you just want to share your thoughts on the Champions for Kids Program and Snacks for Students campaign! 

Please help spread the word!

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Champions for Kids in order to spread the word about Snacks for Students. I was provided a promotional gift to share this post. All opinions are my own. General program information, photos and resources were provided by the coordinator for this campaign. 

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