Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Win It Wednesday #Giveaway Link-Up #2

Win it Wednesday giveaway link-up
Welcome to Win it Wednesday!
We've made it to another Hump Day and the rest of the week is all down hill from here!

Get ready for your chance to win some awesome giveaways being hosted by fabulous bloggers! If you are a blogger, feel free to add your own giveaways to the linky!

Win it Wednesday starts every Wednesday morning so be sure to subscribe to our Win it Wednesday Reminder to come back each week for a list of new giveaways! Each week you will receive an email with a reminder! 

Bloggers, by entering your links in the linky below, you will automatically receive emails each week the night before the linky goes live in order to add your links before it goes live on So Simply Stephanie.

Link-Up Rules:

  • Please include the description of your prize, location and the date it ends. {Example: $500 Amazon Gift Card - US/CAN - 2/29}
  • Link up a many giveaways as you would like but please, no affiliate links, signups or other non-blog giveaway links. If your links do not go to a blog post for a giveaway your are participating in or featuring on your blog then please do NOT post it! Last week we got hit by an affiliate link bandit and I'm sure they made a fortune while we clicked away. This link-up is to promote legitimate blogger giveaways so please, lets keep it that way!
  • Consider entering some of the other giveaways listed to help out the other bloggers who will also be helping support you!
And most importantly, have fun & good luck

SPONSORS, if you would like to have your product featured on Win it Wednesday with a giveaway, please contact Stephanie at: SoSimplyStephanie@gmail.com .

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