Friday, March 6, 2015

Heroes of the City: Kids Animated TV-Series About Friendship

Several months ago I shared my Heroes of the City app review and many of you enjoyed hearing about Calamity Crow and all the adorable rescue vehicle characters! For those of you who missed my review, you can find it at my post, Heroes of the City App Review- A Free App for Kids.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Heroes of the City, it's a YouTube channel for toddlers, pre-schoolers and small children that shares fun episodes including Sketch & Guess with Calamity Crow and Calamity Crow Kids Crafting Show.

Heroes of the City is an animated TV-series featuring adorable characters, most of which are rescue vehicles, in a small town where everyone gets to be a hero. The series teaches children the importance of friendship and what can be achieved by helping each other.

With over 6 hours of full episodes, the Heroes of the City YouTube channel is perfect for 'TV-time', traveling, rainy days, rewards, doctors appointments and other fun playtime moments. (Miss K usually watches YouTube videos while waiting for the doctor!- Great for keeping her occupied!)

You can check out Heroes of the City on YouTube at the Heroes of the City YouTube Channel.  Be sure to subscribe to their channel for updates on the latest releases!

I hope you and your little ones enjoy Heroes of the City as much as Miss K and I have! Be sure to check out their app, too! It has full episodes, games and more, in multiple languages!

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