Thursday, March 5, 2015

TheBathOutlet's Glady Line Round Decorative Soap Dispenser Review

glady soap dispenser
I was recently given the opportunity to review one of TheBathOutlet’s products in the Glady Line and I chose their Round Decorative Soap Dispenser; mainly because I have been looking for a great soap dispenser for the bathroom. I’ve been looking for one that would stand up to multiple uses, look stylish and would hold quite a bit of soap so that I wouldn’t have to refill the dispenser every other day.

The Glady Line Round Decorative SoapDispenser features a contemporary design and is made of thermoplastic resins. The design is very modern and appears to be a high-end heavy glass and chrome dispenser, though it is very light weight and actually resin. I chose the clear transparent colored dispenser though TheBathOutlet offers six stylish colors including transparent, avocado green, orange, fuchsia, lilac and turquoise. All six colors feature polished chrome colored pump dispenser, also made of thermoplastic resin.  The Glady Line Round Decorative Soap Dispenser is made in Italy by Gedy and sold online at TheBathOutlet. The dimensions are 6.7" high and 3.4" in diameter.

I have been using my soap dispenser for about two weeks now and have been very pleased with it. I would have thought it would have been a lot heavier than it actually is, based on looks alone. The polished chrome colored pump looks very sleek and modern and adds a finishing touch to the product’s contemporary design. I actually ended up using my Glady Line soap dispenser in the kitchen with anti-bacterial dish soap. It makes hand washing so much easier when trying to cook because now and can quickly steal a few pumps of soap when my hands are dirty (greasy, dirty from meat, ect) without having to open the cabinet, grab the dish liquid and then wash my hands, the bottle and disinfect the cabinet knob. *Why didn’t I consider this years ago?*

Overall, I would recommend TheBathOutlet’s Glady Line Round Soap Dispenser because I have been very happy with the quality and the stylish design. I look forward to hopefully, bringing you more reviews of their awesome product line.

In addition to the Round Decorative Soap Dispenser, you will also find several other matching products in the Glady Line to include soap dishes, makeup organizers, toothbrush holders and tissue box covers.

Where to Buy It

You can purchase the Glady Line Round Decorative Soap Dispenser on TheBathOutlet’s website.

Disclosure: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. I did not receive compensation for sharing this review. 

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