Saturday, June 20, 2015

Space Scouts Summer Adventures 12-Week Subscription for Kids

Summer is here! The kids are out for school and of course they are excited. But the excitement will soon turn to boredom if you aren't prepared with a few handy indoor summer activities for kids, especially on hot and rainy days! One great summer activity ideas for kids is a fun day at space camp with the Space Scouts Summer Adventures 12-week subscription! For less than the cost of a craft project, your kids can enjoy a new package each week featuring a new SPACE SCOUTS. I received the Space Scouts Summer Adventures introduction pack for Miss K and I to review and I must say, 3 weeks later and she is still having fun playing with the intro package.

About Space Scouts Summer Adventures

The Space Scouts Summer Adventures Space Scouts is designed for kids ages 6 to 9 and features a new package each week with a new activity, new stickers, magnets and toys that all coordinate with the previous and future Space Scout packages.

Here's an example of what comes in the Space Scouts Summer Adventures packs:

Week #1 package is the Intro Box:

  • Introduction to the Space Scouts Program 
  • Space Scouts Lunchbox 
  • Space Scouts Solar System Poster 
  • Space Scouts Activity Sheet 
  • Space Scouts Sticker Scramble 
  • Space Scouts Souvenir Toy 
  • Space Scouts Constellation Card Start-up Kit (Ring & Cover) 
  • Introduction to Space Scouts Constellation Cards Each 

Week #2 through Week #12 each package will include:

  • Space Scouts Exploration Plan 
  • Space Scouts Magnet (to add to the magnetic lunchbox) 
  • Space Scouts Sticker (to add to the solar system poster) 
  • Space Scouts Activity Sheet
  • Space Scouts Sticker Scramble 
  • Space Scouts Souvenir Toy 
  • Space Scout Constellation Card (to add to the Constellation Card collection) 
  • Space Scouts Constellation Card Activity Sheet Miss K. is only 4, almost 5, but she still enjoys it! 

Space Scouts Summer Adventures Review

We received the Week #1 Intro Package to review in exchange for an honest review. Since Miss K loves anything to do with outer space, I knew she would be thrilled to play with the Space Scouts Summer Adventures package if it was the least bit decent. For a $10 subscription box, the package included much more than I thought it would and the toys were very good quality. She received a Space Grabber Claw as the toy. and two very nice small astronauts as the souvenirs. The metal lunchbox was one of her favorite things about the intro package because the magnets stick to the lunch box and she can store all of her Space Scouts activity sheets, constellation cards and magnets inside the box. 

Unlike some subscription boxes (most of which cost much more) the Space Scouts Summer Adventures is a weekly subscription that coordinates with the previous week and the future weeks as part of a 12-week adventure. Each week you receive a new package featuring new activities, a new space toy, new constellation cards (intro pack includes the ring to keep them together nice and neat) and other space adventure activities. 

You can purchase the Space Scouts Summer Adventures in a 12-week subscription or a monthly subscription for just $10 a week or $12 a month plus $3 shipping. I would strongly suggest the 12-week subscription as that will keep them busy with a new package all summer long! Visit for more information on how to order. They also have a great little Animal Tracker subscription, too!

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