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Grandma Kisses by Laura Neutzling Review

Disclosure: I received a copy of Grandma Kisses in exchange for an honest review. This post may also contain affiliate links. 
Grandma Kisses, by Laura Neutzling, is one of the sweetest board books for children that teaches them about all the love a grandmother has for her grandchildren. From yummy cookies to peaceful prayers, your little one will know just how much Grandma loves them with this fun little Christian board book! Check out my review and enter to win a copy for yourself with this awesome kids' book giveaway! 

Grandma kisses bookGrandma time is lots of fun and full of love! 

There’s nothing like going to Grandma’s house—loving arms always eager to greet you, warm cookies in the cookie jar, and reassuring words when you need them most.

Grandma Kisses displays the love and special connection grandmothers share with their grandchildren through sweet, funny prose and adorable animal art. As these cute characters do their favorite activities together, the kindness, humor, and togetherness they share is unmistakable. This relatable story depicting a clear bond between the generations will have kids and grandmas smiling and snuggling as they read together.

Parents will want to pick this up as a way to celebrate family connections and encourage the happy, growing relationship between grandma and grandchild. And grandmas always enjoy finding new ways to bond with their little ones and remind them of her love!

This kid-friendly board book will be a charming addition to the library, whether it’s at a grandma’s house nearby or at a child’s home, serving as a reminder of the love of a grandma far away.. 

Best of all, it makes a great gift for young children of all ages! 

Review of Grandma Kisses

Grandma Kisses is one of Miss K's new favorite books. She love to read it when we get ready to snuggle for bedtime but, she especially likes to take it to her Nanny & PaPa's to read. From the colorful pictures (illustrated by Cee Biscoe)  to the sweet and loving gestures in the book, this is a great little Christian book for little girls and boys up to about age 5. (Though, the publisher recommends ages 0-4.) 

The book itself is a high-quality, well-bound board book with a padded front cover and glossy pages, making it kid-friendly and less likely to be torn or stained. 

Overall, we love Grandma Kisses by Laura Neutzling! 

Where to Buy Grandma Kisses

Grandma Kisses is available online from the publisher, Tommy Nelson, or at - Grandma Kisses.

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  1. Christmas parties....... My children loved seeing them everyweekend

  2. My favorite memory is we lived around the block from my grandparents and visited there daily. Grandma took us to McDonald's often and we loved that. My kids love all the baking and cookie Grandma does for them

  3. my grandkids hit the door asking if they can have a snack,,i have a snack drawer and its always filled with goodies for the grandbabies

  4. My favorite memory of my visits to my paternal grandmother was when she let me help her decorate my father's birthday cake that she had made for him. When I finished she said it was the most beautiful cake she had ever seen. She always made me feel special.

  5. Christmas dinner. My children love grandpas war stories and grandmas recipes!

  6. Going to supper at mama house playing games i read to my grandchildren

  7. My favorite memory was sitting on my grandpas lap with lots of snuggles and hugs and he's always bring us treats when he visited, so fun! My grandsons love the hugs and treats just like I enjoyed from my grandpa, thanks!

  8. My grandparents didn't drive, so when I went to visit them we rode in a taxi. I always thought that was pretty special. My kids always liked going to my parents house because my dad could tell unbelievable stories with a straight face.

  9. grandma adkins was the cook and then we go during the time of year we had to help can the stuff we did can we used for all the fmaily members and then we are big family

  10. I remember my grandfather sitting on the floor of the kitchen with me while I played with a porcelin piggy bank they had. I could spend hours pouring out the pennies and putting them back in with my grandpa

    My son likes going to my parents house because the next door neighbor has goats, chickens and pigs. He loves going to see the goats.


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