Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Crazy Carpet Circle Seats Reviews, Ideas & Promo Code for Koeckritz!

Are you looking for a creative seating idea for your little ones? Whether you are a parent, work at a daycare or school, or just looking for a fun, creative seating idea, then you will love these Crazy Carpet Circle Seats from Koeckritz Rugs!

Below you will find fun ideas to use these for (not just sitting!), product info, links to reviews from other bloggers I network with and also, a promo code to save 15% off your order. Plus, they have an amazing selection of rugs for your home and outdoor patios. They also offer custom designed rugs, sports-themed rugs and a variety of other floor coverings to fit your own style and decor.

Ideas or using Crazy Carpet Circle Seats:

The Crazy Carpet Circle Seats are great for everyday use at home and outdoors.
Here are few great ideas on how to use them:
  • Everyday home use, especially on tile, wood and other hard floors.
  • Music time - great for creative and silly dancing.
  • Games- the variety of colors is perfect for game time and can be used for educational purposes such as learning colors and counting.
  • Homeschool- the possibilities are endless.
  • Daycare centers
  • Sunday school
  • Outdoors- use outside on the grass, parks, beach, swimming, hiking, camping, etc. 
  • Time out rugs
  • Children's play center- use to identify different stations in which the children rotate to different centers. 
  • Movie time
  • Help reduce fidgeting
  • Keep kids seated in their 'designated' spot. Show them their color and they will know where their seat is. Also helps keep them in their specified 'area'. 

Product Info: 

With a variety of colors to choose from, these 18″ Round Rug Mats are  fun, quirky and versatile. They are made of standard broadloom carpet for a wonderful, fun & crazy round rug seats.
They are perfect for sitting on indoors and outdoors and they can be used on the floor, in the grass or on a bench or even bleachers.
  • Made of a Polyester Filament Fiber - Soft Cut Pile
  • Made in the U.S.A. 
  • Edges are sewn with a fabric tape to prevent fraying. 
  • Available in 19 vivid and pastel colors
  • Available in different sets including a 6 pack and 19 pack. 
  • Save 15% when you use the promo code BLOG17 available just for this campaign! 
The Koeckritz Crazy Circle Carpet Seats are perfect for home and outdoor use, daycare centers, preschools and elementary schools, churches and other organizations involving kids. Not only are they perfect for seating, but they are great for teaching kids colors, helping control fidgeting and creative play such as games and music. 

Promo Code:
SAVE  15% on your Koeckritz order 
when you use the promo code BLOG17

Visit Koeckritz Rugs to check out their amazing selection of rugs including indoor and outdoor rugs, sports-themed rugs, custom rugs and a variety of other beautiful floor coverings to choose from.


Check out these reviews of the Crazy Carpet Circle Seats from other bloggers I network with. You'll find out what they thought about them along with photos, ideas and more!

What are your thoughts on the Crazy Carpet Circle Seats? Any ideas on how you would use them? Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know what you think! 

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