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Thanks for taking an interest in having your brand/product featured on So Simply Stephanie! I would be more than happy to work with your brand to find the best options for promoting your product with a variety of options. 

I currently feature brands with sponsored posts, product reviews (free of charge), giveaways, social media shouts and group campaigns. I have over 150+ bloggers that have signed up to participate in my campaign opportunities (and several more through Social Exposure PR!) so please be aware that I can extend well beyond my own audience. Combined, we have over 4 million page views monthly, over 1.5 million social media followers and plenty of experience in helping your brand gain the attention that it deserves! 

How So Simply Stephanie Will Feature Your Product:
My product reviews will contain, at a minimum, my thorough review of the product, links to your website, information on how to purchase the product,  keyword links, your social media links and any videos or images you would like added to the post.  I will gladly host a giveaway for the product on my blog to help you gain new social media followers. You will be responsible for all costs associated with the giveaway including product costs, shipping and taxes. 

What I Review:
I review a variety of products for women, men, children, and pets. Cooking, toys, appliances, outdoors equipment, gardening, hunting, fishing and fashion are a few of my many favorites. If your product does not fit into one of these categories, I will still review it. Those, are simply my favorite categories and something my family and I will definitely enjoy reviewing. 

Review Policies:
·      Product reviews are free of charge.
·      Sponsor is responsible for ALL COSTS associated with the review including shipping, tax, cost of the product and other applicable fees. 
·      Sponsor will supply a full-sized, unused, non-returnable product to review.
·      Sponsor will provide any additional photos they would like added to the review.
·      Sponsor will supply social media links that you would like included in the review posting.
·      I reserve the right to not do the review if you send a product or product quantity that was not agreed upon.
·      If the wrong item is shipped (size, color, quantity, actual item, etc) or the item sent is damaged- the review will not be completed. The sponsor may send the correct or a new item and I will complete the review. If you would like the first item returned, you must include a prepaid shipping label with the new item.
·      I will not review any unsolicited mail. All unsolicited mail received will not be reviewed or published. All unsolicited items will be kept or donated.
·      When sponsoring a giveaway, the sponsor is responsible for shipping, costs, and taxes related to the giveaway. I will not ship any prizes. I will conduct the giveaway via a Giveaway Tools, notify the winners, collect the winners info and forward it to the sponsor.  Any products shipped to me for the giveaway will be forfeited.
·      Minimum product value of $25 unless otherwise agreed upon. If your product is less than $25, please contact me before shipping it. 
·      All reviews will be posted within 30 days of product receipt. Once I receive your product, my family and I will use the product, test it out, and write a thorough review. If you have a specific time frame or date that you would like us to post your review, please make arrangements with us before shipping the product to insure that we can meet your campaign needs.

If you would like to have your product featured on with a giveaway but no review, please contact me via with information about your product and I will set up a giveaway to feature your product! Please also let me know if you would prefer the giveaway to be exclusive to So Simply Stephanie or if you would like me to extend the audience by collaborating a group giveaway (one prize featured on multiple blogs). 

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